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Ekiti State presidential result EKITI APC- 219,231 PDP-154,032

Ondo State presidential result ONDO APC-241,776 PDP-276,201

Gombe State presidential result GOMBE APC-125,161 PDP- 33,945

Osun State presidential result OSUN APC- 347,634 PDP-337,377

Kwara State presidential result KWARA APC-308,984 PDP-138,184

Nasarawa State presidential result NASARAWA APC-289,903 PDP-283,847

Oyo State presidential result OYO APC-365,229 PDP-366,640

10 of 23 LGAs declared BENUE APC- 97, PDP-872 111,457

Adamawa State presidential result ADAMAWA APC-378,076 PDP-410,266

13 of 23 LGAs declared KADUNA APC415,798 PDP-296,202

13 of 16 LGAs declared IMO APC-92,702 PDP-185,709

10 of 13 LGAs declared PLATEAU APC-226,532 PDP-373,091

9 of 23 LGAs declared RIVERS APC-71,734 PDP-222,045

Yobe State presidential result APC-YOBE 497,914 PDP+50,763

20 of 34 LGAs declared KATSINA APC-640,254 PDP-160,265

Enugu State presidential result ENUGU APC-54,423 PDP-355,553

Lagos presidential result LAGOS APC-580,814 PDP-448,016

Kogi State presidential result KOGI APC-285,894 PDP-218,207

Anambra State presidential result ANAMBRA APC-21,056 PDP-317,767

FCT presidential result FCT APC- 152,224 PDP-259,997

22 of 44 LGAs declared KANO APC- 591,106 PDP-163,260

Ebonyi State presidential result EBONYI APC-90,726 PDP-258,573

11 of 27 LGAs declared BORNO APC-158,246 PDP-4,771

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29 of 31 LGAs declared AKWA IBOM APC-174,934 PDP-384,573

Ogun state presidential result OGUN APC-281,762 PDP-194,655

Jigawa state presidential result JIGAWA APC-794,738 PDP-289,895

Abia state presidential result ABIA APC-85,058 PDP-219,698

Niger state presidential result NIGER APC-612,371 PDP-218,052

Edo state presidential result EDO APC-267,842 PDP-275,691

Bauchi state presidential result BAUCHI APC-798,428 PDP-209,313

Cross River state presidential result CROSS RIVER APC-117,303 PDP-295,737

Delta state presidential result DELTA APC-221,292 PDP-594,068

Zamfara state presidential result ZAMFARA APC-438,682 PDP-125,423

Kebbi state presidential result KEBBI APC-581,552 PDP-154,282

Taraba state presidential result TARABA APC-324,906 PDP-374,743

Rivers state presidential result RIVERS APC-150,710 PDP-473,971

Sokoto state presidential result SOKOTO APC- 490,333 PDP-361,604

Bayelsa state presidential result BAYELSA APC-118,821 PDP-197,933
TOTAL 15,191,847 11,264,977

the above results been collected and made public, INEC has decleared President Muhammadu Buhari of the APC winner

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