2021 Major Entrance Scholarships at Cape Breton University, Canada

Scholarships & Bursaries

Through the efforts of donors, $2.5 million in scholarships and bursaries are offered to students entering CBU each year. Students entering direct from high school or through articulation agreement partners are considered for entrance scholarships based on their academic grades.

Entrance Scholarships

(Domestic and International Students)

All entering students who wish to be considered for entrance scholarships must submit the following in addition to an admission application.

  • Official transcript
  • Financial need application for those interested in bursaries

High School Students

  • No failures in Grade 11 or 12 courses
  • Average is based on all AC & AD Grade 11 courses and all AC & AD completed Grade 12 courses after first semester
  • Average for international students entering directly from high school will be determined by Cape Breton University
  • ESL conditional offers must attend a CBU English language partner school to have award honoured

Articulation Agreement Students

  • Articulation agreements (both domestic & international) qualify
  • Students must be currently enrolled in their program of transfer
  • ESL conditional offers must attend a CBU English language partner school to have award honoured
  • Minimum 80% average as determined by CBU to be eligible with no failures 

Major Entrance Scholarships

*A limited number of the following awards will be offered*

Name Total Amount Yearly Amount
Chancellor’s $30,000 $7,500
President’s $20,000 $5,000
Deans’ $10,000 $2,500
Fitzgerald* $20,000 $5,000
Schwartz $14,000 $3,500
W.M. Reid $11,500 $4K & $2.5K
Orpha Thayer-Scott* $10,000 $2,500

Other Entrance Scholarships

Cape Breton University is proud to offer a variety of scholarships and bursaries to assist our students in the pursuit of their educational goals. Our donors truly believe in the value of education. These are just a few examples of the scholarships and bursaries available to CBU students.

MacLeod-Matheson Bursaries The Drs. John & Jeanne Eyking Scholarships
Chartwells Award Cape Breton Metros Hockey Association Scholarships
Louis and Pearl Guam Bursary Irving Shipbuilding Scholarships & Bursaries
Lauchie Gillis Memorial Award Rose Nolan Memorial Scholarship
Joyce Foundation Bursaries Bert & Zita Armishaw Scholarship
C.W. MacDonald Memorial Scholarship The CB Highlanders Association Awards
Neil & Maisie Walker Scholarship The Dr. David F Sobey Scholarships
Michael & Ethel MacLean Bursaries Eric M. Redmond Memorial Bursary
Lou Leith Entrance Award Selina & Stewart Tremblett Scholarship
Cathrene Anna Campbell Memorial Award Rita MacNeil Music Award
Kevin Hillman Scholarships CBUAA Entrance Scholarships
CBUFA Scholarships & Bursaries Connor Timmons Entrance Scholarships
William Bill Bugg Entrance Award Harrison McCain Scholarship/Bursary

Accepted students can apply for Entrance Scholarships until March 1, 2021.

There are a range of scholarships from $500 per year to $5,000 per year that will also be offered after a review of applicants.

For all Indigenous student scholarships, please contact bree_menge@cbu.ca

In-Course Scholarships

Cape Breton University offers a number of in-course awards to students after completing one semester of study at CBU (minimum 9 credits) while maintaining an overall average of at least 80%. There is no application required for these awards as they are based solely on academic grades and provided to students who are not in receipt of a renewable scholarship. Any award requiring a separate application will be posted on this page. In-Course scholarships will be applied to student accounts in September and January if they meet the requirements as outlined above and are enrolled in a minimum of 9 credits for the current semester.


Cape Breton University provides students with financial need an opportunity to apply for financial aid through its bursary program. There are a number of bursaries that students may be eligible for as well as general bursaries that all students can apply for. In order to be eligible for a bursary, students must:

  • Be a registered CBU student
  • Complete either an Entrance Bursary Form or In-Course Bursary Form
  • Provide income tax assessments for both the student and in some instances parents

Entrance Bursaries

Provided to students entering CBU who prove a strong financial need in order to enter their studies will be considered. The application becomes available in January and closes in March each year. Students must also submit official income tax documentation for themselves and parent(s)/guardian(s) for consideration. These bursaries are awarded upon enrolment in September.

In-Course Bursaries

The in-course bursary application opens in the fall each year and bursaries are awarded during the second semester. Current CBU students must complete the in-course bursary application which is available between mid-November and closes mid-January each year. In-course bursaries are awarded in second semester and are based on financial need.

Current External Award Opportunities

Cape Breton University makes every attempt to ensure accuracy, currency and reliability of the information posted on their scholarship, bursary and award web-site. If there is a discrepancy, the criteria that is held by the Awards Office is deemed correct. Verification can be confirmed by contacting awards@cbu.ca.

Read More: Leadership Scholarships for Post Graduate Education

Scholarship Pro-rating

Pro-rating over calendar year on number of credits

Please note all scholarships are pro-rated based on the number of credits a student is enrolled in each semester.

E.g. 1 – President’s Scholarship = $5,000 per year. A student enrolled in 30 credits will receive $5,000, a student enrolled in 24 credits will receive $4,000.

Students completing courses during the Spring/Summer semester can request to have scholarship dollars applied to their account.

E.g. Student takes 24 credits in the Fall/Winter term with the President’s Scholarships they will receive $4,000. Student maintains 80% average over duration of calendar year and takes 6 credits in the Spring/Summer term, they will receive the additional $1,000 at this time.

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