International Scholarships In South Florida USA 2021 – 2022

2022-23 scholarship criteria for the Summer/Fall class of 2022 will be released mid-July 2021

Good news – freshmen and transfer students are eligible for merit-based scholarships from the USF Office of Admissions! To be considered for merit-based scholarships from the Office of Admissions, students must submit a complete admissions application by the priority deadline. For additional information about the awarding process, please visit Freshman Scholarship Requirements & Timeline.  ​

International Scholarship Deadlines

The application submission deadline to be considered for freshman admissions scholarships is February 1, 2022. All required application materials must be received by Admissions by the May 1, 2022 completion deadline.

The international freshman scholarship deadlines are:
Application Submission Deadline: February 1
Application Completion Deadline: May 1

The international transfer scholarship deadlines are:
Application Submission Deadline: March 1
Application Completion Deadline: May 1



These awards are not-stackable. Students will receive the highest award for which they qualify within the awarding timeline. All Green & Gold awards are credited in the form of a partial out-of-state tuition waiver; exact award amounts vary based on the number of credits in which a student enrolls each term.

Scholarship Award/Benefits Academic Requirements
USF Green & Gold Presidential Award $48,000
(Up to $12,000 per year)
3.90+ GPA and
1340+ SAT (Evidence-Based Reading and Writing & Math only) or
29+ ACT
USF Green & Gold Directors Award $36,000
(Up to $9,000 per year)
3.70+ GPA and
1280+ SAT (Evidence-Based Reading and Writing & Math only) or
27+ ACT
USF Green & Gold Scholars Award $24,000
(Up to $6,000 per year)
3.50+ GPA and
1210+ SAT (Evidence-Based Reading and Writing & Math only) or
25+ ACT
USF International Student Scholarship $4,000
(Up to $1,000 per year)
3.30+ GPA and
1180+ SAT (Evidence-Based Reading and Writing & Math only) or
24+ ACT

Transfer Scholarships

These scholarships are competitive awards. Meeting the criteria to be considered for a scholarship does not guarantee that a student will receive that award.

Scholarship Award/Benefits Academic Requirements
USF International Transfer Student Scholarship $2,000 ($500 per semester) Cumulative postsecondary GPA of 3.50 or higher with a minimum of 60 transferable credit hours. Application Submission by March 1,
Application Completion by May 1.


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  1. I am interested how to apply master scholarships

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  3. am from kenya and scored B in last year exams, i wish to further my education in Electrical Engineering or Civil Engineering . My parents are unable to fund my education due to their financial status.

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  5. I am from Ethiopia and I want to study my MSc degree in food technology, how can I apply?

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  9. I am really excited to see this chance. My name is Getu chala from Ethiopia. I m teaching higher academic institutions in my country (Wollega University) in media and communication. Near to this my work, i have learnt graduated Theology from Mekene yesus church before 2years in diploma. Currently i have completed my second degree from Jimma University in 2021 G.C. my ambition is to learn PhD degree in your University to develop my potential in political science and internatinal relations. Please, give the chance to learn there.

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    My name is Ahmed Abdi Jimale I need to learn medicine BSC please Can you assist me?

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