Scholarship in University of Toronto

University of Toronto, also known as U of T is the top ranked university of Canada. It is a research oriented university securing 19th position in world rank in this year. It is located at Ontario, Canada, Queen’s Park. This university was founded by royal charter in 1827. At the beginning it was known as as King’s College. And it was the first institution of higher education in Canada or upper class of the society. Although it was in Canada, at the beginning this university was controlled by Church of England. However, by end of 1849, the educational curriculum was changed. What we see today at University of Toronto is the evolution of secular education started at 1850. University of Toronto is consisted of 12 colleges. 

Quick Review:

  • Established: March 15, 1827
  • University Type and Campus: Urban, 71 hectares (180 acres)
  • Motto:As a tree through the ages
  • Endowment: C$2.097 billion (excl. colleges)
  • Administrative staff: 4,590
  • Students: 59,434
  • Undergraduates: 43,375
  • Postgraduates: 16,059
  • International Students: 15%

Scholarship in University of Toronto

University of Toronto is popular for many of its qualities. And supporting deserving students financially is one of them. There are 280 different scholarship programs in University of Toronto. Under these scholarship programs, there are more than 600 individual scholarships. A large portion of these are for international students. And adequate number of scholarships are is reserved for Canadian students. However there are lots of competitive scholarships which are totally based on academic merit, research potential, leadership traits and other mentioned criteria. To apply for scholarship in University of Toronto, click on the button below:

To apply for scholarship in University of Toronto, tap the link above. It will take you to the list of available scholarships. From there, you can apply for scholarship by following our step by step scholarship application guidance.

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Offered Courses

Here are the courses offered in this university. Like all other universities the courses of this this university is divided into undergraduate and postgraduate programs. To Learn about the courses offered here, click on the buttons below.

  1. Aboriginal Studies
  2. Accounting (B.Com)
  3. Accounting (B.Com)
  4. Actuarial Science
  5. Aerospace Engineering
  6. African Studies
  7. American Studies
  8. Anthropological Sciences
  9. Anthropology
  10. Anthropology, Biological
  11. Anthropology, Linguistic and Semiotic
  12. Anthropology, Social/Cultural
  13. Applied Mathematics
  14. Applied Physics
  15. Applied Statistics
  16. Archaeological Science
  17. Archaeology
  18. Archaeology (Prehistoric)
  19. Architectural Studies
  20. Art
  21. Asia-Pacific Studies
  22. Astronomy and Astrophysics
  23. Astronomy and Physics
  24. Behaviour
  25. Biochemistry
  26. Bioethics
  27. Biogeography
  28. Bioinformatics
  29. Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
  30. Biological Chemistry
  31. Biology
  32. Biomedical Engineering
  33. Biophysics
  34. Book and Media Studies
  35. Botany
  36. Buddhism and Asian Religions
  37. Business German
  38. Canadian Studies
  39. Caribbean Studies
  40. Celtic Studies
  41. Chemical Engineering
  42. Chemical Physics
  43. Chemistry
  44. Chemistry and Geology
  45. Christianity and Culture
  46. Cinema Studies
  47. Civil Engineering
  48. Classical Civilization
  49. Classics
  50. Cognitive Science
  51. Cognitive Science and Artificila Intelligence
  52. Commerce (BA)
  53. Commerce (BA)
  54. Commerce and Finance (B.Com)
  55. Comparative Animal Physiology
  56. Composition
  57. Computer Science
  58. Computer Science
  59. Computer Science and Economics
  60. Computer Science and Mathematics
  61. Computer Science and Physics
  62. Computer Science and Statistics
  63. Computer Science Artificial Intelligence Option
  64. Computer Science Comprehensive Stream
  65. Computer Science Foundations Option
  66. Computer Science Information Systems Option
  67. Computer Science Information Systems Stream
  68. Computer Science Joint Mathematics Stream
  69. Computer Science Joint Physics Stream
  70. Computer Science Joint Statistics Stream
  71. Computer Science Software Engineering Option
  72. Computer Science Software Engineering Stream
  73. Criminology
  74. Croatian and Serbian Studies
  75. Czech and Slovak Studies
  76. Developmental Biology
  77. Diaspora and Transnational Studies
  78. Drama
  79. Drama and English
  80. Earth Systems: Physics and Environment
  81. East Asian Studies
  82. Ecology
  83. Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  84. Economic History
  85. Economic History and Economics
  86. Economics
  87. Economics (Quantitative Methods)
  88. Economics and Geography
  89. Economics and Mathematics
  90. Economics and Philosophy
  91. Economics and Political Science
  92. Economics and Sociology
  93. Economics and Statistics
  94. Electrical and Computer Engineering
  95. Electrical and Computer Engineering
  96. Employment Relations
  97. Energy Systems Engineering
  98. Engineering Mathematics, Statistics and Finance
  99. Engineering Physics
  100. English
  101. English and Linguistics
  102. English and Philosophy
  103. Environment and Society
  104. Environmental and Resource Management
  105. Environmental and Science
  106. Environmental and Toxicology
  107. Environmental Biology
  108. Environmental Economics
  109. Environmental Health
  110. Environmental Studies
  111. Environmnetal Anthropology
  112. Environmnetal Ethics
  113. Equity Studies
  114. Estonian Studies
  115. Ethics, Society and Law
  116. European Studies
  117. Evolutionary Biology
  118. Finance (B.Com)
  119. Finance and Economics (B. Com)
  120. Finnish Studies
  121. Forest Conservation
  122. Forest Conservation Science
  123. French as a Second Language
  124. French Cultural Studies
  125. French Language and French Linguistics
  126. French Language and Literature
  127. French Studies
  128. French Translation
  129. Geographic Information Systems
  130. Geography
  131. Geography (Historical and Cultural)
  132. Geography (Urban, Economics and Social)
  133. Geology
  134. Geology and Physics
  135. German and Linguistics
  136. German Studies
  137. Greek
  138. Health Studies
  139. History
  140. History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
  141. History and Political Science
  142. Human Biology: Genes,Genetics and Biotechnology
  143. Human Biology: Health and Disease
  144. Human Biology: Human Behavioural Biology
  145. Human Computer Interactions
  146. Human Resource Management (B.Com)
  147. Hungarian Studies
  148. Ibero-American (Spanish)/Commerce
  149. Immunology
  150. Industrial (Systems) Engineering
  151. Information Security
  152. Infrastructure Engineering
  153. Interfactulty Combination: Environmental Studies and International Developmetn Studies
  154. International Relations
  155. International Relations Peace and Conflict Studies
  156. Italian
  157. Italian Culture and Communication Studies
  158. Jazz
  159. Jewish Studies
  160. Latin
  161. Latin American Studies
  162. Life and Environmental Physics
  163. Life Science
  164. Linguistics
  165. Linguistics and Computing
  166. Linguistics and Languages
  167. Linguistics and Philosophy
  168. Literary Studies
  169. Literary Studies and Philosophy
  170. Management (B.Com)
  171. Management (BA)
  172. Management (BBA)
  173. Marketing (B.Com)
  174. Material Science
  175. Materials Engineering
  176. Mathematical Sciences
  177. Mathematics
  178. Mathematics and its Applications
  179. Mathematics and Philosophy
  180. Mathematics and Physics
  181. Mechanical Engineering
  182. Medieval Studies
  183. Mineral Engineering
  184. Modern Languages and Literature (French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian)
  185. Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
  186. Molecular Plant Biology
  187. Music
  188. Music Education
  189. Music History & Culture
  190. Music History and Culture
  191. Music with Ensemble Option
  192. Nanoengineering
  193. Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations
  194. Neuroscience
  195. Nutritional Sciences
  196. Opera
  197. Paradigms and Archetypes
  198. Past Environments
  199. Pathobiology
  200. Peace and Conflict Studies
  201. Performance
  202. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  203. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  204. Pharmacology
  205. Pharmacology and Toxicology
  206. Philosophy
  207. Philosophy and Political Science
  208. Philosophy and Religion
  209. Philosophy and Sociology
  210. Physical and Environment Geography
  211. Physics
  212. Physics and Philosophy
  213. Physiology
  214. Planetary Science
  215. Polish Language and Literature
  216. Polish Studies
  217. Political Science
  218. Political Science and Sociology
  219. Portuguese
  220. Psychology
  221. Psychology Research
  222. Religion
  223. Religion: Christian Origins
  224. Renaissance Studies
  225. Russian Language
  226. Russian Language and Literature
  227. Russian Literature in Translation
  228. Second Language Learning (French)
  229. Second Language Learning (Italian)
  230. Semiotics and Communication Theory
  231. Sexual Diversity Studies
  232. Slavic Languages
  233. Slavic Languages and Literature
  234. Sociology
  235. Sociology and Urban Studies
  236. South Asian Studies
  237. Spanish
  238. Statistics
  239. Statistics and Mathematics
  240. Toxicology
  241. Ukrainian Language and Literature
  242. Urban Studies
  243. Visual Studies
  244. Women’s Studies
  245. Writing, Rhetoric and Critical Analysis
  246. Yiddish
  247. Zoology

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Postgraduate Degree

  1. Adult Education and Community Development – MA, MEd, PhD
  2. Advanced Design and Manufacturing – MEngDM
  3. Aerospace Science and Engineering – MASc, MEng, PhD
  4. Anthropology – MA, MSc, PhD
  5. Applied Computing – MScAC
  6. Architecture – MArch
  7. Astronomy and Astrophysics – MSc, PhD
  8. Biochemistry – MSc, PhD
  9. Bioethics – MHSc
  10. Biomedical Communications – MScBMC
  11. Biomedical Engineering – MASc, PhD
  12. Biotechnology – MBiotech
  13. Cell and Systems Biology – MSc, PhD
  14. Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry – MASc, MEng, PhD
  15. Chemistry – MSc, PhD
  16. Child Study and Education – MA
  17. Cinema Studies – MA
  18. Civil Engineering – MASc, MEng, PhD
  19. Classics – MA, PhD
  20. Clinical Biomedical Engineering – MHSc
  21. Community Health – MScCH
  22. Comparative Literature – MA, PhD
  23. Computer Science – MSc, PhD
  24. Counselling Psychology – MA, MEd, EdD, PhD
  25. Criminology – MA, Combined JD/MA, PhD
  26. Curriculum Studies and Teacher Development – MEd, MA, PhD
  27. Dentistry – MSc, PhD
  28. Developmental Psychology and Education – MA, MEd, PhD
  29. Doctor of Medicine/Doctor of Philosophy
  30. Drama – MA, PhD
  31. East Asian Studies – MA, PhD
  32. Ecology and Evolutionary Biology – MSc, PhD
  33. Economics – MA, Combined JD/MA, PhD, Combined JD/PhD
  34. Educational Administration – MA, MEd, EdD, PhD
  35. Electrical and Computer Engineering – MASc, MEng, PhD
  36. Elementary and Secondary Education – MT
  37. English – MA, Combined JD/MA, PhD
  38. Environmental Science – MEnvSc, PhD
  39. European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies – MA, JD/MA
  40. Exercise Sciences – MSc, PhD
  41. Financial Economics – MFE
  42. Forest Conservation – MFC
  43. Forestry – MScF, PhD
  44. French Language and Literature – MA, PhD
  45. Genetic Counselling – MSc
  46. Geography – MA, MSc, PhD
  47. Geology – MASc, MSc, PhD
  48. German Literature, Culture and Theory – MA, PhD
  49. Global Affairs – MGA, Combined JD/MGA
  50. Health Administration – MHSc, Combined MHSc/MN, Combined MHSc/MSW
  51. Health Informatics – MHI
  52. Health Policy, Management and Evaluation – MSc, PhD
  53. Higher Education – MA, MEd, EdD, PhD
  54. History and Philosophy of Education – MA, MEd
  55. History and Philosophy of Science and Technology – MA, PhD
  56. History of Art – MA, PhD
  57. History – MA, PhD
  58. Immunology – MSc, PhD
  59. Industrial Relations and Human Resources – MIRHR, PhD
  60. Information Studies – PhD
  61. Information – MI, Combined JD/MI
  62. Italian Studies – MA, PhD
  63. Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology – MSc, PhD
  64. Landscape Architecture – MLA
  65. Law – LLM, GPLLM, MSL, SJD
  66. Linguistics – MA, PhD
  67. Management & Professional Accounting – MMPA
  68. Management – Executive Master of Business Administration – MBA
  69. Management – Finance – MF
  70. Management – Omnium Global Executive Master of Business Administration – MBA
  71. Management of Innovation – MMI
  72. Management – MBA, Combined BASc/MBA, Combined JD/MBA, PhD
  73. Materials Science and Engineering – MASc, MEng, PhD
  74. Mathematical Finance – MMF
  75. Mathematics – MSc, PhD
  76. Mechanical and Industrial Engineering – MASc, MEng, PhD
  77. Medical Biophysics – MSc, PhD
  78. Medical Radiation Science – MHSc
  79. Medical Science – MSc, PhD
  80. Medieval Studies – MA, PhD
  81. Molecular Genetics – MSc, PhD
  82. Museum Studies – MMSt
  83. Music Performance – MMus, DMA
  84. Music – MA, PhD
  85. Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations – MA, PhD
  86. Nursing Science – MN, Combined MHSc (Health Administration)/MN, PhD
  87. Nutritional Sciences – MSc, PhD
  88. Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy – MScOT
  89. Pharmaceutical Sciences – MSc, PhD
  90. Pharmacology – MSc, PhD
  91. Philosophy – MA, PhD, Combined JD/PhD
  92. Physical Therapy – MScPT
  93. Physics – MSc, PhD
  94. Physiology – MSc, PhD
  95. Planning – MScPl, PhD
  96. Political Science – MA, Combined JD/MA, PhD, Combined JD/PhD
  97. Psychology – MA, PhD
  98. Public Health Sciences – MPH, MSc, MScCH, PhD
  99. Public Policy – MPP
  100. Rehabilitation Science – MSc, PhD
  101. Religion – MA, PhD
  102. School and Clinical Child Psychology – MA, PhD
  103. Second Language Education – MEd, MA, PhD
  104. Slavic Languages and Literatures – MA, PhD
  105. Social Work – MSW; Combined JD/MSW; Combined MHSc/MSW; PhD
  106. Sociology in Education – MA, MEd, EdD, PhD
  107. Sociology – MA, PhD
  108. Spanish – MA, PhD
  109. Speech-Language Pathology – MHSc, MSc, PhD
  110. Statistics – MSc, PhD
  111. Urban Design – MUD
  112. Urban Design Studies – MUDS
  113. Visual Studies – MVS
  114. Women and Gender Studies – MA


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    Is there is allowed to study on loan if it is needed
    Thank you

  4. I have question what tuition fees there?
    How to get visa you have fullfilled all requirements?
    what is procedures to be followed to get scholarship?
    Is there is allowed to study on loan if it is needed?

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    With best regard,
    Biratu Ibsa

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    Citizens of the republic of Liberia, graduated from the Confidence School System.
    My dream is to become an Aerospace Engineer since childhood, but because of financial strength I was unable to travel from my country, all I had to do was to attend Professional Skills Training Center, where am presently doing Airline Ticketing and Cargo handling.
    But I believe God first, if this opportunity is giving to me I will become one of the be Aviator ever in the hold world.

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    I have all necessary documents for scholarship including passport copy. May you, please, help me pursue PhD program in either Linguistics OR English and Linguistics?

    I’m hopeful that you will help me. I’m looking forward to your response to notify me your support and encouragement, really.

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      I have BSc in civil engineering
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      With best regard,
      Fikadu Shegena– Bsc,

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    I’m a fatherless and motherless child(self-supporter)and l humbly beg your indulgence to kindly support me with scholarship opportunity which enable me to enroll to your institution.
    Thank you.I looked forward to hearing from at your convenient.

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    My name is Tilahun Gemechu.I’m from Ethiopia.I was graduated by computer science with a great distinction in July 14,2019.I want to learn my MA by computer science from Toronto University.My phone number is +251937650159.

    • akinnola ayomiposi Emmanuel

      I’m akinnola ayomiposi Emmanuel by name I’m from Nigeria study in the high school want to join the university of Tonto this my number +2349020413644

  97. I’m interested in university of Toronto in Canada. I want to offer medical science. My name is Janet Robertson from Ghana. I’m a high school graduate . My phone number is +233540237204

  98. I applied and won the competition in the beloved Canada; however, I lost my contact in between.
    I studied in the US for my MA and PhD with support of Fulbright and the the University of Kansas (KU), Lawrence.
    I am applying to work my Postdoctoral research.

  99. Atiel Samuel Agoot

    I will be very excited in giving me an opportunity to study to abroad

  100. Hi

    I am Ahmed faisal

  101. ugorji chinonso favour

    my name is ugorji Favour and i’m really interested ma/sir for this generous offer

  102. I will be happy if am given this wonderful opportunity to study mathematics and physics in Canada

  103. Human resource managment

  104. Kindly please i really wish to study but am financially poor.

  105. I’m interested with Human Resources management

    Best regards

  106. I’M happy on your Scholarship invitation.
    If I will get a chance to learn in your institution
    I want to study Economics with the specialization of Economics and political science
    Thank you

  107. I am Bona Tesfa, I am from Ethiopia I graduated highschool & I want and very interested to learn at canada univarsity with computer science.My phone nomber is +251919451919 thank you

  108. i want study Msc Computer Science

  109. J’aimerais avoir une bourse venant de vous pour continuer mes études afin d’être un meilleure atout sûr

  110. I’m so interested it is matter of chance

  111. Bhavna Devi Chooramun

    Hello I am interested in a scholarship. I have A levels but can I do the course online? Can you please provide me some details on how to apply?

  112. Hi my name is DURSA Abduremen I have graduated in electirical and computer engineering in octeber 2020 so Want to take my MA inorder of this i aply this interested chance.

  113. My name is Dursa Abduremen iam from i have graduated by electirical and computer engineering in 2020 i need to studies my MA with this interested program gift .

  114. Interested

  115. I want to get scholarship opportunity in this university can i get that opportunity

  116. I want studying in Torinto university

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    I would like to know how can I apply .
    Thank you

  118. Hello
    I am more than interested in this scholarship, and I would love to know how to apply.
    Thank you

  119. Hello
    I’m more than interested in this scholarship ,please I would like to know how to apply.
    Thank you

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  121. Am very interested to this chance

  122. Hello dear sir/ madam
    My name is Ebrima touray, an I’m interested in your scholarship in order to further my education. I’m an undergraduate student seeking for opportunities like this I wish I to get a scholarship to study abroad. Thank you.

  123. Sonfack Dongmo Gedeon Carmel

    Hello, please i am interested in getting a scolarship to study information security in University of Toronto, undergraduate level. I wish to know the procedure please.
    Best regards;

  124. BIGIRINDAVYI jean patient

    i’m interested in accounting

  125. Rukiya korso Tufa

    im from Ethiopia graduate department nursing scholarship mesters octeber 2022 so Want to take my MA inorder of this i aply this interested chance

  126. Hey Tolonto university!

    When I was growing up,I have heard a whole lot about the extra-ordinary successes of Toronto .My wish is to explore And gain admission to Toronto one day ,someday.

  127. I am finished high school I want scholarship in USA I am undergraduate I am international student i am girl Muslim I am African nationality i am 19 old. I am want study accounting

  128. Good day, am Sam from Congo, but living in Cyprus actually, I’d like scholarship in Environmental Science for the PHD degree, am thinking also about a green work….

  129. My greetings from Ethiopia ! I have studied LAW (both 1st Degree LLB and Maaters of Law LLM)…Now i’m interested to study international relation peace and conflict study ! i need your help badly ! regards !

  130. Tesfaye Tomas Kussa

    am very intrested to this chance

  131. Tesfaye Tomas Kussa

    am very intrested to this chance. I am from ethiipia i graguate to physics Ms

  132. My name is KENZA MOULA from Algeria,i’m a student at University, I need to get this opportunity, please.

  133. Thank you for giving full scholarship

  134. Dennis Binali katota

    Interested in information studies on 60.. from Zambia

  135. I want to study MSC applied mathematics. I come from Uganda born in 1979 is it possible?

  136. I’m very interested world bank scholarship
    My name is Bikila Nigisi from Ethiopia
    I’m Diploma in Rural water supply and sanitation
    I want to degree program water source engineering from world bank scholarship.

  137. Dear director and staff of U of T I want to say thank you for the giving of this chance. I am Abdi Gari I learn to student of veternary medicine . Iwant to get your chance to learn Pro in any related to Veternary medicine profession.

  138. i interested to join Toronto university

  139. Hello
    Am called Ntawebasa Zainabu
    Am graduated young girl
    Am interested to study in Canada Toronto please can I give a chance to continue my studying to become a good doctor

  140. Am dilamo from Ethiopia ineed to study mechanical how i apply and proper ways to talk wz university

  141. Hello
    I’m student in science of environnement
    I want continue my study in canada

  142. Hello
    I’m interested join Tronto university
    And also hope to eccept

  143. From adiss ababa

  144. i am interested for this full scholarship

  145. I’m interested. I want to study in Canada Universities.
    I want to study Mechanic Engineering. And I hope you call me one feedback.

  146. Hi People, I’m Januario Zanzi Paulo I live in Angola, Africa and I want to study Mechanic, Instrumentration or Industrial Maintenance Engineering. I hope your signal and to be selectioned can be in USA, Canada, Sweden, Australia Universities.

  147. Dear director and staf members of U of T I want to say thank you for the giving of this chance.
    I am Januario Zanzi Paulo I’m from Angola
    I want to get your chance to learn MSc in any related to Mechanic engineering profession or Instrumentration.

  148. Am interested…

  149. Iwant drama

  150. I am interested to follow my MBA i Toronto University

  151. Can you gusts held me for job please

  152. I my name is cherinet demisse form Ethiopia I went to learn in Toronto please you give scholarships.

  153. I want to learn PhD of polical science .I am from Ethiopia thank yoi

  154. I am also interested pls I need scholarship pls how can I apply09068992847

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