‘An Igbo President Is The Panacea To Sustainable Unity’

By Russell Bluejack

In the interest of unity and protection of the sovereignty of Nigeria, those clamouring for a South-South president should stop. Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has had his shot.

We must all come together to ask for an Igbo president, if we truly regard Nigeria as our nation. An Igbo president is the only panacea to sustainable unity. This is not the time for divisive clamour.

I know that we are selfish, greedy, and tribally-driven, but if we truly desire to keep Nigeria afloat as a united and functional geographical enclave, then only an Igbo president will do.

I am overwhelmed by the pockets of support coming from the core North. I am moved to tears that some political and economic bigwigs in the North are demanding this, too. The true oneness of a nation should not end with rhetorical proclamations: there must be action.

It is time to pull down every divisive wall and cement the flaky foundations of this nation. As a South-Southerner, I support the devolution of political and economic power to the South-East. If we truly wish to exterminate the staccato of discordant agitations, most of which are spearheaded by rogues in the cloaks of saints, then we must join hands to enthrone an illustrious son of the South-East.

I know that those who derive immense benefits from their stunted agitation for secession will be against this, seeing that the successful enthronement of an Igbo person will end their regime of deceit. Yes, to draw the curtains on these criminals using Biafra to extort from the gullible ones, let us do the right thing. An Igbo president is the way out of our economic morass.

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