Best Universities in Nigeria

Nigeria is a big country and is aptly nicknamed the Giant of Africa; it has the biggest population in Africa and is the leader of Africa in things ranging from fashion to music to technology and so much more.
It is fair to say that Nigeria is a controlling figure in anything it does, even though it suffers from gross corruption and misappropriation of funds. This entails that other nations look up to Nigeria in various situations and this is especially true when it comes to Education.

Today, in this article, I will dive into thebest Universities in Nigeria, I hope this article will give you informed insight whether you are a student,
parent, educational enthusiast and so on So, let’s get into the list of the best universities in Nigeria,

University of Ibadan

The University of Ibadan is the nest university in Nigeria and is internationally recognised across the globe, it has been featured in so many foreign journals and publication such as Times Magazine, Reuters and the World University Index as one of the best universities in Nigeria, and it is also the oldest
university in Nigeria.

It was first opened in 1947 when it ran as an affiliate of the University of London, when the independence came to Nigeria, it officially cut it ties with the University of London ad became its own independent university. So many things make this university worthy of being classified as one of
the best universities in NIGERIA, one of thee its extremely high standards when it comes to its activities, it is also extremely organised and runs a wide range of courses, in all faculties ranging from arts to medicine to technology and so much more.

It also boasts of an affiliation with the Association of Commonwealth universities. It is a university that truly deserves t be on the list of best universities in Nigeria.

University of Nigeria Nsukka

Popularly known as UNN, this is definitely a worthy member o the list of best universities in Nigeria, it I the second oldest university I Nigeria and is quite cutting edge, it has graduated so many influential people in Nigeria and has some of the bets facilities in any university in Nigeria. It is hard to know anyone who hasn’t heard of this school, it also receives a record amount of applications each year and as such, it’s only the best of the best that are admitted, UNN leads Nigeria in research such as Space, meteorology and Pharmaceutical research and produces some of the best graduated in country.

Just like the University of Ibadan, it offers an insanely wide range of courses; almost all courses that can be done in Nigeria are available in this university. Organization like; National University Commission, Times Magazine, BBC News, and various publications that exist all across the globe also recognize it both
locally and internationally. It has 15 faculties and 102 departments and has four campuses across

Its ICT Hub is one of the biggest in Africa and the university has played host to so many events over its period of being open.

Covenant University

While the aforementioned universities were all Government owned universities, this one is a Private university owned by a church, it is the best private university in Nigeria and the third best university in Nigeria.

To attain the position it holds, this university has invested a lot to become so famous. Although schooling here is extremely expensive and the university is generally referred to as a university for rich kids. The school is a bit young; it began in 2002 after it was fully accredited by the Federal Government.

The school is massively good in its infrastructure, and has the biggest library in the whole of Africa and is gradually turning itself into a world-class university. It is one of the few private universities to attain such a high ranking among the best universities in Nigeria.

It is a university that prioritizes on its core values and has been classified as one of the world leading Christian Mission Universities in Africa. Its owner is
Bishop David Oyedepo, one of the most recognized religious figures in Nigeria and the General overseer and Founder of the Living Faith Church.

University of Lagos

This is popularly known as UNILAG and is no doubt one of the best universities in Nigeria; it was established in 1962 and currently has three campuses all across Lagos. It has grown a lot though considering that it started with just 131 students and has become of the most populated universities in

It has a record number of applications to it yearly is one of the most popular universities in Nigeria. It has graduated quite some influential people in the country and is well known for their well- organised university system. It also has the best distance-learning institute in Nigeria that offer
professional courses like Accounting, Business Administration, Science Education and so on.

UNILAG currently has 12 accredited faculties and is growing by the day with more faculty and departments set to be accredited in the near future.

UNILAG is definitely a university that deserves to be on the list of best universities in Nigeria.

Obafemi Awolowo University

Known as OAU, this university definitely deserves the position occupies on the list of best universities in Nigeria, in terms of landmass, it is the beigest university in Nigeria and covers are as large as 12,000 hectares.

It officially began operations in 1962 and was formerly known as the University of Ife. It is also a popular choice for Jamb candidates all across Nigeria. It is definitely the 3 rd best university in the western part of Nigeria after University of Ibadan and UNILAG. It was one of the first academic institutions to be established before the 1970’s and constantly produces top notch graduated from its walls including those that win numerous awards such as the National Merit Awards and so much more.
It main objective is to use innovative technology in providing teaching research and community service to its students and the entire world at large. It really deserves its position on the list of best universities
in Nigeria.

Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria

The Northern Part of Nigeria is also a contender on the list of best universities in Nigeria and their best contestant is this university popularly known as ABU-Zaria. It was established in 1962 just like some universities on this list after the Asby commission recommended that a university should be established
in the Northern Part of Nigeria. Te school currently has 15 faculties and 2 campuses and truly deserves

to be one of the best universities in Nigeria is worthy to be mentioned on this list. It has over 1400 academic staff and 6000 non-academic staff and has been rumoured to be the pioneer of many other universities in the North. Because of its popularity, and its low tuition fees, it is a favorite destination
for students to apply especially those from the Northern part of Nigeria as it fulfills all their needs and demands. It is truly one of the best universities in Nigeria.

Federal University of Technology, Minna

This is often abbreviated and popularly known as FUT-MINNA, and it is one of the best universities in the North and was established in 1983 with its primary goal being academic excellence and it’s also the second largest university in Nigeria by land mass, occupying an area of 11,000 hectares. The school
boasts of a lot of facilities and lives up to its name of being a university of technology. It leads Nigeria in some aspects of technology primarily innovative technology.

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University of Benin

The University of Benin (UNIBEN) is one of the most popular universities in Nigeria and is well known in the mouths of any Nigerian teen or youth. It is one of those universities that has made Nigeria proud severally with its students in so many competitions.

It was also the first Nigerian university to have a female Vice Chancellor. The university sees quite a large number of applicants and students both full
time and part time. It has several collaborations with many world-class universities and is affiliated with many foundations and organisations across the globe that caters to universities such as; FORD Foundation, USAID and United Negro College Fund (UNCF).

If you are conversant with the popular Internet comedy skit maker, Sydney Talker, then you should know he graduated from this school. It is
really a university that deserves to be on list of best universities in Nigeria.

That concludes the list of the best universities in Nigeria and as you can see, they are all-unique in their own ways and are the pride and joy of the Nigerian educational space. It is a shame that they are plagued and constantly regressed by issues like corruption, ASUU strikes, lack of adequate funding and
improper management. It would be great if the federal government should look to make these
universities greater.



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