Cryptocurrency Scholarship Funds in Europe & USA Curtain University-Fully Funded

About Scholarships

We’ve launched an innovative new Cryptocurrency PhD Scholarship Fund, alongside Curtin University Australia, which will enable companies and individuals to donate cryptocurrency to fund PhD students in the areas of blockchain, cybersecurity and data analytics.

The crowd-sourced fund uses a Web 3.0 payment system developed by us and project partners Nelnet International to enable real-time, peer-to-peer payments on both Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains.

As the fund is built, a series of projects will be announced which students can apply for, while significant donors of cryptocurrency will have named PhD Scholarships in their areas of interest.

Curtin University

Curtin University Associate Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research Excellence Professor Garry Allison said the scholarship fund was a great opportunity for investors in cryptocurrencies to help nurture a new crop of PhD graduates who can further develop these new technologies in the future.

“Further work is required to identify and develop those applications that are best suited to the attributes of blockchain and Curtin University is responding to this by establishing the Cryptocurrency PhD Fund.”

Eligibility & How to Apply

The Cryptocurrency PhD Scholarship Fund will enable peer-to-peer payments from donors to Curtin University with both Bitcoin and Ethereum. Centrality will also make its Web 3.0 platform and developer toolkits available for students and researchers. This will enable the Curtin community to use real-world software to build decentralised applications that leverage the latest technology, like Industry 4.0.

Centrality Group General Manager Jerome Faury said the fund would have a significant impact on both workforces and blockchain research.

“As cutting edge technology like Web 3.0 and Industry 4.0 rapidly evolves, the agreement with Curtin will ensure that graduates are able to use up-to-the-minute skills to contribute to a future which focuses on digital equality and putting consumers back in control of their data,” Mr Faury said.

“These graduates won’t just research technology, they’ll contribute positively to building a more equitable digital economy.”

Curtin is working with payment platform provider Nelnet International to offer a seamless experience to those contributing to the fund.

Nelnet International Managing Director David Heffernan said Nelnet International was excited to be partnering with Curtin and Centrality, to deliver blockchain specific applications.

To make a cryptocurrency donation to the fund or for more information, visit here.

About Curtin University

Curtin is ranked in the top one per cent of universities worldwide, with the University placed in the top 200 globally and 9th in Australia according to the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) 2018.

The University has built a reputation around innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit, being at the forefront of many high-profile research projects in astronomy, biosciences, economics, mining and information technology. It is also recognised globally for its strong connections with industry, and for its commitment to preparing students for the jobs of the future.

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  1. I like scholar ship

  2. hi I except to receive scholarship

  3. Iam sisay getawa I gratuated BA degree in accounting and finance from unity university. Realy,Iwould like todo my MSC use to the organization gives this chance for us. Thanks alot!!!

    • I am Foday Theophilus koroma from Sierra leone west Africa I would like to be part of this scholarship. I would be grateful if I am given this opportunity to enrol, I promise to work hard and collaboratively to meet your institution’s demands. While waiting for my reply

  4. Iwant to attend my education and job opportunity

  5. It will be a dream come true for me to be part of this scholarship

  6. destaw jenbie mihretie

    i graduared ob BSc in nursing with 3.93 GpA

  7. Louis Valentin Mbengue

    I’ll be very pleased to get the scholarship to continue my english study

  8. Yes

  9. Allafi douksidi Richard

    Bonjour! Je suis un tchadien,je cherche celui qui peut m’aider à finaliser mes études en psychologie.

  10. Still an undergraduate
    Hope I get this scholarship

  11. I want to study in Europe as scholarship


    It will be a dream xome true if i complete my masters degree through the help frim you. I wish to continue my masters degree through your help.

  13. I need education high quality

  14. Abdou Vincent Ibrahim

    It will be a dream to study in this scholarship for everybody

  15. I love school

  16. Beyene Banga Chelke

    My back ground Accounting BA
    My need study this uty Accounting & faynance
    But i am poor family student

  17. Beyene Banga Chelke

    My back ground Accounting BA
    My need study master of Accounting& Faynance

    • I need this please help me and I’m from Ethiopia i would like to learn master of public health and thank you

  18. I am million Abuye from Ethiopia
    Dear members of the scholarship committee or to whom it many concern do thank you the committee for considering
    I am a junior in medical laboratory science program
    I graduated from Addis Ababa university of my class in 2020
    Thank for your consideration

  19. Atinga Pius Awintiti

    It will be good if am part of this scholarship

  20. I will be glad if get the scholarship

  21. اهلا وسهلا بكم ،،انا مواطن من الجزاءر افكر واجتهد لكي اخترع الساعة القمرية باليوم القمري اتمنی ان تكون هذه الفكرة في متناول الجميع حتی تصبح هذه العملية الحسابية تدرس للاجيال القادمة
    وفي الاخير تقبلو مني فاءق التقدير والاحترام

    زاوي خالد من الجزاءر

    • Thank God for this long awaited chance i have been longing for. God bless the organisers

      It has been my headache on how to solve the chunk of problems in my country Ghana, as a result i ended up learning sociology at the University of Cape Coast Ghana. On graduating i intended to further my master to help this vision to grow, yet finance is a chalenge, please give me this oppotunity to help my country.

  22. I pray I get this opportunity

  23. Pls i want to study medical laboratory science, for a better tommorrow,so as to fulfill my dreams as a student and also to make my country proud and my parents as well

  24. اهلا وسهلابكم،،، انا موطن من الجزاءر احب القراءة والتعلم وكذلك البحث في مجال الحساب واني اجتهد وافكر لكي اجد مسار عقارب الساعة القمرية لاختراع الساعة القمرية باليوم القمري وهذه الفكرة من اجتهادي واتمنی ان تكون في متناول جميع العقول الذكية والمبدعة في هذا المجال لكي تدرس مستقبلا للاجيال القادمة وتبقی نظرية حسابية خاصة للمسار الزمني للقمر
    وفي الاخير تقبلوا مني فاءق التقدير والاحترام
    زاوي خالد من الجزاءر

  25. Fredrick jakonis lesupeer

    Such scholarship are so helpful especially for us who want to undertake undergraduate studies but incapable financially

  26. Just hoping with God all go through well Amen

  27. It will be my pleasure to be given a scholarship to study abroad

  28. I want to study in the us please give me the hints on should I do

  29. انا مواطن حزاءري اجتهد وافكر لكي اخترع الساعة القمرية وهذه النظرية الحسابية من اجتهادي واتمنی ان تكون هذه النظرية في متناول جميع العقول الذكية والمبدعة في هذا المجال

  30. Moses K. Bellring is my name,I came from Liberia west Africa,I really need this opportunity, please

  31. It would be a great pleasure to have a scholarship and a dream come true

  32. Ahmed Muhye Ali

    Iwas graduate Bsc in Electrical Engineering from Bahir Dar University in 2012G.C

  33. Ahmed Muhye Ali

    I am very interesting to join this types of scholarship

  34. Dareselam Mohammed Awol

    I am very interested and this is a great opportunity to improve myself

  35. I am interesting to join this kind of scholarship

  36. thanks you for invite this chance

  37. Reyad Ahmedtayeb

    my name is Reyad Ahmedtayeb,I am Ethiopian,I have Msc in Animal breeding and Genetics,I hope to study PhD programme,if i will get these opportunity

  38. Success Saint Clement

    Am proud to be part of this scholarship

  39. I have so many good things about the scholarship, I want to be part of the opportunity

  40. I want to be part of the scholarship

  41. This is my last time applying for scholarship
    I have tried more than 11 time
    but only nonsense I’m getting

  42. I am interesting to join this kind of scholarship

  43. If government will help I really.whant to get the scholarships

  44. Ok thanks!

  45. Ayele Abebe Bayu

    Please how can i apply

    • I graduated in mechanical Engineering for Arba minch university in Ethiopia and i will like to study more in United stastes of America.

  46. Getachew Motuma

    Please document for scholarship Education of health sciences

  47. Catherine Kapindula

    I will be the happiest person ever if accorded this opportunity and it will be a dream come true

  48. Teketel Berhanu

    I have interested to students in Canada,please help me!

  49. need a scholarship program

  50. I am interested

  51. I am glad to learn out side my homeland .It is nice to learn in first class University in the world which is Curtn University

    • Hello family, my name Alvin T. Boway and I join you from Monrovia, Liberia. I been wishing to continue my education in the state and I think this is the appropriate time. am interested Sir.

  52. Gemechu Chirinti

    i need learning in USA

  53. How can l get that chance


    Post graduation

  55. Natnael Wondmagegn

    I want to apply scholarship

  56. Dengthii Panthou

    Like Education school

  57. How i get this chances

  58. Thanks for giving achance.

  59. Suzan Ani Angelo

    I by the name Suzan Ani Angelo am 19 years old and I would like to apply for the scholarship opportunity offered by your esteem office

  60. Benedict S. Doeteh, Jr.

    I am hoping to be selected in forwarding my education. Thanks

  61. I am a seaman

  62. I want to be come a chief officer in a vessel
    I am a second office in a fishing vessel

  63. Interested

  64. Thomas Sungu Kamara,Jr.

    I need to accomplish my dream.

  65. Mahota Roseline Leigh

    It has always been my dream to study abroad ,I will be glad if this come to past

  66. Hello how can I get that chance cause I have been having a dream to study abroad especially in the USA

  67. Hi i would like to know more about your program and this fully funded scholarship

  68. Iskandar Ghribi


  69. Catherine lisulo

    my name is Catherine lisulo……I really need a scholarship. Please help

  70. I like to study for this opportunity if guarante
    Thank you

  71. Pleas give me the scholar i will proud

  72. sultan kebede wakeyo

    I have BSc degree by mechanical engineering with about three years experience please contact me for further information through +251921100908

  73. Can’t wait.

  74. sultan kebede wakeyo

    I have BSc degree by mechanical engineering with about three years experience Please contact me for further information through +251921100908. I am interested for such scholar ship. I am waiting for your positive responses.

  75. Mustafa simoonga

    I’m interested in this program

  76. J. Jenkins Khowon

    I really need this scholarship. Please help me.

  77. Shala wakayo garanba

    I have interested

  78. I will love to win this scholarship

  79. I am interested. I need this opportunity

  80. Bitaniya kumelachew tefera

    I need scholarship to get better education

  81. Scholarship helps and triggers srudent to study hard so I hope i acquire it… For financial purposes also

  82. I have interest in it

  83. Please give me the chance

  84. These the nice chance make me party of

  85. My name is Kaleb Tashome I am second year Management Student At Addis Ababa University i Want to Learn Polotical Science and international relation At One of USA Universitys.

  86. I need to study PhD, Law, Criminal Justice.

  87. Social worker

  88. Ismael Kemal Edo

    I deep interest to study at your university could help me, my dear!

  89. I will be glad to be part of this opportunity that will make my beautiful dream come true,

  90. Thanks

  91. Workineh Fentahun

    Fully funded in master’s degree

  92. Aruoture charity

    I would like to be part of this scholarship. Am NCE holder i read education

  93. I want to study in USA.
    Im now doing my master Degree

  94. I will be one of the happiest beain on earth if I ever given the opportunity to study abroad. And it will be my dream come true

  95. How to apply

  96. Francis Lukyamuzi

    Iam a young man raised in Uganda,very optimistic about the future of cryptocurrency in Uganda and Africa at large
    It will be a greatest opportunity if am allowed to study in such a prestigious university.

  97. Education is a weapon that we Change this word and I will be leart again and again. If would gets this I will help the new coming generation !

  98. Am grateful for this opportunity. I pray that God the founder of this initiative

  99. Hy guys nice to see you and i need it this scholarships

  100. Mid red he bet Rono

    It has been my dream to study abroad. I hereby request for a consideration from the concerned authorities. I have bachelor’s degree in Tourism management and would like to do my master’s degree in Australia

  101. this is a good dream for me!

  102. good oppty

  103. I want to attend PHD program. I am post graduate in Economics in Assosa university, Ethiopia. Please can you help me to attend the study?

  104. Help me to study PhD program

  105. help me for PhD study

  106. I am interested to study PhD in Economics. Please help me.

  107. It’s an opportunity for me i Will be very happy if i take it

  108. James efuk mario

    I will be very glad if ma application is put under consideration

  109. I am interested to attend my postgraduate programm in health science

  110. am glad if you allow me to study in your country as a scholarship

  111. Nafrobika Teferi

    I’m intetested to learn in USA. So, please help me.

  112. I’m interested I need to get this chance more important for me an I wanna to learning us&plz supporting info or help center/contact me if u can,zn I v’e waiting every day I will see ur website so/to v’e any suggestions I will check to ready,don’t forget this when I get, I am ready to go learning I wish to get in dream my,university so thanks for all&to preparing about this cryptocurrencey scholarship opportunity it Good thinking and also appreciate for all

  113. I am Amie from Gambia a graduate and now studing nursing as a field I will be really delighted if among those receiving scholarship to study

  114. I am Joseph Kpaluway under graduate. Interested in the scholarship

  115. Soua Tokpa FELEMOU

    I am Soua Tokpa FELEMOU from Guinea and now i finishe studing the french language from the Institut Superior of Sciences and Education from Guinea ( ISSEG). I am very interesting by this programmes !

    • Stephanie moses

      Am interested please, I will love it if am given the opportunity to school abroad thanks.
      Am Stephanie moses undergraduate want to study law.

  116. Soua Tokpa FELEMOU

    I am Soua Tokpa FELEMOU from Guinea ,i was very interesting by this programmes. I need this,if i get , i will be happy. Can we help me ?

  117. I will very honor to receive this opportunity, it’s my dream to study in the USA.

  118. I will want to have this chance

  119. I am Ted Clysley and I’m very interesting in this opportunity, it’s Will be wonderful if I get this scholarship to continues study and learning more about mining. My favorite dream be is to become an expert or/and engineer

  120. Tadesse Endalew Zerihun

    I ma Tadesse Endalew Zerihun from Ethiopia.

  121. My name is Tadesse Endalew Zerihun. I am from Ethiopia.

  122. Iam Ellasmore Zembe postgrade student .Intrested in the scholarship

  123. I need it, please help me.

  124. Gebreagzabiher Tsegay

    I have graduated BED degree in English language with 3.31 CGPA and need MA if possible….

  125. I NEED

  126. Bsc human anatomy. And will like to go for MSC in same field.

  127. I have graduatead by agricultural economics i am intereted

  128. I will be very glad if I get a scholarship to improve myself..

  129. Yaphet Alemayew Tadese

    I expect i will get this scholarship

  130. Hello guys ,I’m very interested, I appreciate every single information about this topic. thank you❤️❤️
    My Email address:

  131. I want to learn my Phd by this opportunity.

  132. Tadiwos Mesfin Moges

    Undergraduate Computer science and engineering student at ASTU

  133. My name is Bereket. Am from Africa Ethiopia. I wan to get this scholarship. I am Really I get this chance.

  134. Dessalegn Mekonnen

    I am Dessalegn Mekonnen. I graduated in Woldia University,department of IT since 2019

  135. I am Greatfu for this opportunity

  136. Tadesse Endalew Zerihun

    My name is Tadesse Endalew I am from Africa Ethiopia and I have BA Degree in literature .I want to learn MA any field .I expect

  137. I like scholarship I’m a high school graduate and seeking your help to move ahead with my education, please help me, I’m a young man need this great opportunity please help me, I’m in Liberia Monrovia now , thanks for understanding and helping me in advance.


    How can I get this scholarship please

  139. I am ermias merete I am from Africa Ethiopia and I am happy for the chance of this opportunity and I know God’s help me

  140. i have Bsc in chemistry and i’m graduated from jinka universty with 3.7 point

  141. I would like to have this opportunity because this chance is already my mission please select me I won’t disappoint

  142. Hachalu Alemu Adula

    Hi I am interested in your scholarship program. I have graduated with bachelor degree of civil engineering from Wolkite University in Ethiopia. It was my huge dream to get this privilege and update my academic status for better amendment! What makes you happy than helping others to live their dream!

  143. Donald Owuor Ndeda

    Thank you for the opportunity.

  144. Evance Sebastian

    I like much to study abroad in meeting my dream

  145. Hi. I’m interested in this opportunity.
    Kindly contact me as soon as you can.

    Thank you

  146. bɾɩaŋ bislalah

    ɩ waŋt tɷ ɠɷ ʆɷɾ tɧɩى ىcɧɷɭaɾىɧɩp

  147. I want to form part of this program.
    I am a self support student from Liberia.

  148. Je suis très très intéressé et je serai reconnaissant envers vous j’aurais l’opportunité à cette bourse

  149. Bantegzie Tsegaye yenesew

    It is my wish!

  150. Tibesso kedir egato

    My name is tibesso kedir egato I am banker in Ethiopia I have five years experience in bank ,I need scholarships by MBA programs

  151. Please let me know about the procedure

  152. I will be one of the happiest beain on earth if I ever given the opportunity to study abroad. And it will be my dream come true
    Im a graduate in computer science

  153. Muhammad Naqeeb Naimy

    I want to graduate on high degree from us universities

  154. I interest to accept this scholarship, and I hope to accept.

    • Ms Shoon Lei Min

      I am very interested in fully funded US scholarship to attend undergraduate of business and accounting subjects from Myanmar undergraduate student.

  155. Teresa Alves Correia

    I verry interested.

  156. It is my dream to study abroad. I would love to pursue my dreams, and career in a prestige institution. I am hoping for you to pick me as one of the scholars. If given a chance, I’ll take, and make extra effort, for you to not regret in choosing me.

  157. I want to go for scholarships. I had complete 12
    in bhutan.

  158. I interest to accept this scholarship, and I hope to accept.

  159. I wanna this scholarship

  160. I want to be part of this scholarship please help me

  161. I want to continue with my education but have no funds to cost my studies.Please help.

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