Yesterday’s game between Everton and Tottenham was indeed a tough event, as the tournament between both team ended up in a 1:1 draw.

During the game, a tackle made by Everton forward Son Heung-min left spectators in distress as Andre Gomez of Tottenham got a horrific injury from Son.

Son, who made a tackle while trying to gain possession of the ball held by Gomez got it all wrong as Gomez made contact with Serge Aurier with his foot stucked under Son.

Son, seeing the gravity of his tackle ignored the yellow card(although later changed to a RED card) from the referee while moving towards Gomez. It was indeed an awful scene as Gomez ankle joint left its socket. PHOTO BELOW

During this period, both team were left distressed by the incident as Gomez needed immediate medical attention. Gomez left the field on a stretcher.


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