Fully Funded Clarendon Scholarship 2022 | University of Oxford

  1. Clarendon Scholarship is a fully funded scholarship for international students at University of Oxford. This scholarship is offered for masters and PhD studies. This scholarship covers full tuition fee, at least £15,009 annual grant for living costs.

Start your study adventure in UK. Good news! Clarendon Scholarship is currently open. In this article, we will explain in detail about this scholarship, its application benefits and step by step application process.

Brief Descriptions

Clarendon is one of the largest systems providing around 140 fresh scholarships each year at the University. Clarendon Scholarships are extremely sought-after, competitive and renowned.

High quality and smaller than in many nations, Oxford’s graduate classes facilitate your rapid professional development. Our graduate research strategy emphasizes your capacity to function separately while being backed by an exceptional scholarly society. Most academics of Clarendon are collaborating towards a DPhil (the title of Oxford for a PhD). Scholarships are also granted for two-year (such as MPhil or BPhil) or one-year (such as MSc, MSt, MBA or MFE) degrees.

Applications are assessed against the following criteria:

  • Academic record.
  • Aptitude for the proposed course of study.
  • Student motivation.

Scholarship Summary

  • Level of Study: Masters, PhD
  • Institution(s): University of Oxford
  • Study in: UK
  • Courses Offered: Scholarships are tenable in all subject areas and are open to candidates who apply for a new master’s or DPhil course by the January admissions deadline.
  • Program Period: Depends on the chosen course.
  • Deadline: January 8 / July 22, 2021 (annual)

Scholarship Coverage

Clarendon Scholarship provides the recipient with the following benefits:

  • All Clarendon Scholarships cover tuition and college fees in full.
  • Scholars on a full-time course receive a generous annual grant for living costs – which will be at least £15,009 for 2020-21. Scholars on a part-time course will receive a study support grant, to assist with non-fee costs. Scholars on a part-time course will receive a study support grant, to assist with non-fee costs. In 2020-21, part-time DPhil scholars should expect to receive at least £2,502 and part-time Master’s scholars should expect at least £5,003.
  • The scholarships are normally offered for the full period for which you are liable to pay tuition fees to the University, which is usually the same as the length of your course.

Eligibility Criteria for Clarendon Scholarship

To qualify for Clarendon Scholarship, candidate must fulfill all of the following requirements below:

  • Required Language: English
  • Eligible Countries: All world countries.
  • All applicants for graduate study at the University of Oxford are eligible.
  • All degree-bearing courses at graduate level are eligible.
  • Postgraduate Certificate or Diploma courses are not eligible for this scholarship.
  • Clarendon supports scholars from across the University, with no preference for any particular subject area.
  • Candidates applying to start a new master’s or DPhil course at Oxford are eligible. This includes students who are currently studying for a master’s degree at Oxford but who will be re-applying for a DPhil (you would be eligible for funding for the DPhil).
  • Applicants who hold deferred offers to start in 2020-21 are not eligible to be considered for this scholarship.
  • Current students who will continue to study for the same degree at Oxford in the next year are not eligible for this scholarship.

How to Apply for Clarendon Scholarship?

Please follow the following application instructions to apply for Clarendon Scholarship:

  1. Apply by the relevant January deadline for your course to be considered for a Clarendon scholarship.
  2. Your application to your course will be considered by the academics working in your proposed field of study. They will assess the academic quality and suitability of your application.
  3. The department will make the final decision on your graduate place and will notify you with an outcome. See decision timeline for more details.
  4. In parallel, academics within your department will determine who to nominate to the division for a Clarendon scholarship based on the selection criteria.
  5. The process varies between the University’s academic divisions and the Department for Continuing Education, but each meet in February or March to review the departmental scholarship nominations.
  6. The academic divisions assess the nominations on their academic merit and future potential and the top ranked departmental nominees within the division are shortlisted for Clarendon.
  7. Once the shortlist is confirmed, the Clarendon Fund Administrator will contact successful applicants and will provide the scholarship offer letter.
  8. If you are offered (and accept) a Clarendon scholarship, this means your funding is now secure, as long as you meet the conditions of your offer of a place to study at Oxford.
  9. During April and May, Clarendon Partnership Awards are matched to scholars depending on the award requirements. No further information is required of Clarendon offer holders.
  10. Once each scholar’s unique funding package is confirmed, they will receive the funding breakdown letter outlining the funding arrangements. Final college placements will also be confirmed alongside partnership awards.
  11. All successful Clarendon candidates will be contacted via email. The majority of offers are sent out by early April of each year.
  12. Due to the number of eligible applicants, unsuccessful students will not be contacted. If you have not heard from us by June, please assume that unfortunately you have not been awarded a Clarendon scholarship.
  13. A few late nominations may take place during the summer period if nominated students withdraw, however this is very rare.


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  1. Tesfaye Hailu segni says:

    Good !!

    • lijialm says:

      I need

      • Aliaa alaa el din said helal says:

        I’m graduate from business administration and accounting and want to make MBA master

    • benjamin nahimana says:

      Ok give us the link to apply

    • Ojeni Blessing onyeka says:

      My name is Ojeni Blessing
      Am a sport girl
      And I will like to further my education with you guys and still make the school proud
      I will be glad if I get this opportunity

      • Ok my name is megersa gemechu feyissa graduated from wollaga unversity in Ethiopia department of computer science my BSC and I need my masters of degree to fully scholarship and help me through this chance

  2. umar ahmad says:

    I interested for students in our country

    • Mwale squick says:

      Am mwale squick from Zambia aged 27 I did my degree at chalimbana university in Zambia in bachelors in education science, therefore I would love to do my masters at your institution on a full scholarship

    • I have BA in psychology, so I beg your consideration to allow me to your scholarships

  3. Umar Ahmad says:

    My interest is studied in acountr

    • GEDIYON DANA says:

      Am so surprised, i would like to thank you for this fantastic agenda

  4. Luke Ruguva says:

    Please give me a chance to serve the world. I promise i won’t disappoint

    • dita dasho says:

      I happy to apply this scholarship in university of Clarendon. My Name is Dita Dasho Hamiyo from Ethiopia.I have BA degree in Accounting and finance from Dilla University and civics and Ethical studies in BA degree from kotebe metropolitan university and MA degree in peace and conflict studies from Hawasa university. I’m glad to hear this great opportunity . My cell phone is +125921470848/+125918934615

  5. Luke says:

    Please give me a chance to serve the world. I promise i will not disappoint

  6. S. Harris Sirleaf says:

    I’m please to know about this scholarship, and i’ll like to be the scholars to have this opportunity in your University.

    • Am Yibelu simeneh from Ethiopia aged 28 I am BSC for Computer Engineering graduated from Bahir Dar university , therefore I would love to do my masters at your institution on a full scholarship

  7. Dear sir I am grade 12 complete I would like to join this scholarship I am very interested .

    • Chibuzo Ukaibe says:

      The dynamism of world politics intrigues and interests me. I would love to know more as a positive change agent, not as a saviour. Will love to do masters

  8. Mahwite Clifford says:

    l am interested in masters degree.

  9. Cherinet says:

    If you work with youth you will be mor success than

  10. Luol Mawien Dut says:

    Hi, I’m South Sudanese, I’m interested to join this program I will be committed to fulfill the requirements
    Thanks you

  11. Hi, I’m Somalia, I’m interested to join this program I will be committed to fulfill the requirements
    Thanks you

  12. Hi, my name is idéale Gahinyuza from Burundi. I’m interested in this full funded scholarship especially for a master degree. I hope i meet all the needed requirements for this scholarship. I’m motivated and well prepared for it. Thank you!

  13. Hi, my nawe is idéale Gahinyuza from Burundi and i am interested in this scholarship for a master degree program

  14. Mengistu tsegaye lema says:

    I want to study P.hD in environmental science ,if i gey the chance

  15. WASIHUN WORKIE says:

    I am interested

  16. Blessing says:

    I’m done with high school and I’ll love to study medicine
    Please can I get a chance
    Thank you

  17. Tigist Tedla Teruneh says:

    Hey ,I am Ethiopian, I am interested to join this program in masters degree program

  18. Yahi Aida says:

    To whom is reading my comment right now. I want this opportunity, and I want it so bad. I want it because I always had believed that I will be something in the future and I would change the world. To call it a dream is something disappointed ; because for me it is a target that I must achieve. So, being a PhD student will set the path for me. I’m dying to hear from you.
    God bless you

  19. Jean Bosco BWERERE says:

    Hello! I’m Jean Bosco From Rwanda ; I’m Interested for this Master’s Degree Program.

  20. Usman says:

    This is good news. I would like join this gold opportunity if I got a chance in Masters program to studt Environmental impact assessment at this University.

  21. Richard says:

    Hey, I am Richard Ntambaazi from Uganda. I would like to know if I can start my application for 2022 now ?
    Kind regards

  22. Lebeta Keba says:

    My name is lebeta keba in Ethiopia I interested master’s program Dep’t of Accounting

  23. Simpson Lok Tour says:

    Am very interested to study my PhD at your University. Thanks you share me with your career.

  24. Hello,
    With a professional license in the maritime field and a doctorate h.c, in the field of renewable energies. Can I spend my doctorate at your university?
    thank you

    Avec une licence professionnelle au domaine maritime et un doctorat h.c , au domaine des énergies renouvelable. es ce que peu passer mon doctorat à votre université .

  25. Am by appearing to your humble office for scholarship and holding Diploma in general electricity Don Bosco vocational training and interesting to study electrical and electronic engineering.

    • Musa Adem Mumed says:

      I have BSc in surveying engineering I would like to study MSc program by any related field so I hopefully thank you.

  26. Daniel says:

    This is good news. I would like not to miss this gold opportunity.

  27. Chukwu glory says:

    Am interested if am been permit I will bring out my best

  28. Shiferaw Mengistu says:

    i want to learn structural design Msc

  29. Bikila says:

    My Name is Bikila Emiru I interested master’s program Dep’t of Textile Engineering.

  30. Iam degree Ecconomics Iam Live in ithiopia.Iam government worker .than at thise time Iam interested Learning Masters business administration program scholarship. I have please helps me as I get.

  31. Am in interested in ur scholarship but my question is how will i get thought that scholarship of yours.?

  32. Luel Alemshet says:

    I am Luel Alemshet and I have degree in Chemical engineer and I want use your scholars to study my Ms in your organization.



  34. I am yishak ushula from Ethiopia, I am interested to join ms degre program .

    • Elvis Dushime says:

      Interested to follow my Master’s degree at your University with full scholarship

  35. James Kalungu says:

    hi James Kalungu, a Zambian interested in studying PhD in Education

  36. Dawit Talema says:

    I m interested to join your university if you give me a chance

    • Tibebu Warko says:

      I am interested to join your university. I have bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. I want to study masters degree in related fields.

  37. Dhidha Arafat says:

    It will be an opportunity to change the World for allowing me to study in Uk

  38. Mervis Nyamudziya says:

    I have always wanted to save people ‘s lives and if I can be granted an opportunity to study medicine I will very grateful because my dream will come true of saving mankind

  39. Charles Mughogho says:

    Am Charle Mughogho,a Malawian national…I wish to study master of business administration

  40. i wants to learn ms program by geo,, related fields.

  41. My name is Hamza Sadi Umar, am presently a graduate who obtained his Bsc. Degree in computer science at Bayero University kano, in Nigeria,i am please to hear about this scholarship and hope that I will get a chance to study my Msc.(Masters) in your University

    • Isaac Banda says:

      I have Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies with Public Administration from the University of Zambia. I would like to pursue an MBA general , how do I access your scholarship?

      • Abdulaziz Nasir Ebrahm says:

        It is great.my name is Abdulaziz Nasir from Ethiopia.I have BSC dsgree in water supply and environmental Engineering.i would like to study any related Subject matter.i hope fully thank you.

  42. Ashebir Kidane says:

    It is great. I have MSc degree in environment and climate change science.I would like to study PhD degree. I would like to study any related study or subject matter.Hopefully thank you.

  43. Lelisa Bekele Neggese says:

    First I like to say thanks to give these opportunities to me and for all citizen ,my name is Lelisa Bekele I have studying my first degree in mechanical engineering at woldia university in Ethiopia,Iwill needs to finish my education if you will give me achance to me

    • Yeneneh Geboye says:

      My name is yeneneh Geboye Abawa from Ethiopian. I need free scholarship ms/master in clarendon.l have graduated in first degree (BSC) Chemical Engineering at Wachemo University in August 06/08/2021.so l want learn in USA

  44. My Name is Sefineh Tegegne from Ethiopia. I have BSc degree in Information technology and
    I would like to have a scholarship of MSc from this University by IT AND Network engineer.

  45. Jemal kedir says:

    I interested to join this

  46. Albino Athiang Kuel Athiang says:

    I am really interesting to study in Oxford university UK I obtained the following
    Bachelor Degree in English Language and literature
    Masters Degree in Applied Linguistics
    now this chance of scholarships for me is the window of opportunity to study PhD in English Phonetics to become and develop English Phonetics in my country South Sudan as it adopted English Language as official language after it independence from Sudan in 2011
    now I am serving as Lecturer in public University in my country with the knowledge and skills I acquired in the aforementioned degrees.
    If your institution grants the opportunity, it be a chance for me to in contact with English people and culture I study the language and culture theoretically and be back to do more in my country

  47. My Name is Sefineh Tegegne from Ethiopia. I have BSc degree in Information technology and
    I would like to have a scholarship of MSc from this University by IT AND Network engineer.

  48. Tesema Fufa says:

    My Name is Tesema FIFA from Ethiopia. I have BA degree in Tourism management.I need to study my MA by related dept


  49. hanine says:

    hello i’m hanin , i am in the last year of high school i want the scholarship in your university because i want study international relationship

  50. Isaac Banda says:

    I have Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies with Public Administration from the University of Zambia. I would like to pursue an MBA general , how do I access your scholarship?

    • Tilahun Adugna says:

      I interest to study in your clarendon fully funded schoolarship

  51. Would you mind if you give me a chance ? I want to follow my PHD programme, because I have MA at Leadership and Change Management.

  52. Simeon says:

    Wish to apply

  53. My name is Habib Temam Essa from Ethiopia.I have BSC degree in Geology and I would like to learn MSC degree in this University by Geology related subject.

  54. mebratie worku nigussie says:

    I am a science and technology student department of communication engineering so, if you give me the chance to learn i am very interested (happy) to learn

  55. Bantekasegn mulugeta munae says:

    I am interested and how to apply
    I am bantekasegn mulugeta munae from ethiopia
    I have bachelor of science degree in biomedical enginering..if i get chance to be with you i like to attend my MSC in biomedical enginering or biomefical communication or clinical biomedical enginering…hope i get

  56. Hiwet gebiyawe says:

    My name i hiwet gebiyawe from ethiopia i have BA degree in management and i would like to learn MS degree in this university by management and related fields

  57. SOFONIAS says:


  58. getasew agegnehu says:

    I am getasew agegnehu from Ethiopia. ID am fully interested by the scholar I Think I will get the chance.

  59. My name is Roba Dule Lenjiso, I have BA degree with educational planning and management from Adama science and technology university in 2007 Ethiopian calendar. Now I would like to learn masters in this university.

  60. belay Bedilu says:

    I am belay from ethiopia and I have Bsc degree in natural resource management. I am highly interested to study my masters so can you give me chance please. thank you

  61. Dauda kemokai says:

    My name is Dauda kemokai, i want to be a great scholar. I really need this program my life and my family life to have a stable life

  62. My name :saney adow Muhumed
    From Ethiopia I have Bachelor of degree acounting and finance I am highly interested to study my masters
    So can you give me please

  63. Bekele Wondimu Makore says:

    I want to learn MSC By To learn Road Transport .I have BA Degree Civil Engineering.

  64. Abebe shitaw Alaminew says:

    HI, I am from ETHIOPIA in respect of the scholarship advertise by this organization, I wish to further my education if I am considered for this scholarship, to enhance myself and community if granted this humble opportunity

  65. Ilísio Rosário da Silva Raimundo says:

    Gostaria de inscrever-me numa bolsa.

  66. Hi. This is Dominic S. Nyon from Liberia . I have tried series of scholarship program and non have I been accepted of enrollment. I pray this opportunity be a positive response for me. My ability is awesome and I can assure you that I will be of great help if you take me in.

  67. I need MS in Industrial chemistry if you get a chance please help me

  68. Mohamed yonis du'ale says:

    Iam interesting how to teach in your countries university.

  69. Yohannes Simano says:

    I am Yohannes simano from ethiopia and I have Bsc degree in civil Engineer . I am highly interested to study masters so can you give me chance please. thank you

  70. Daniel Hambisa says:

    Glad to hear about this opportunity from you. The following statement describes me
    Name: Daniel Hambisa
    Country: Ethiopia
    Educational Background: BA in Tourism Management with CGPA 3.52 & MSc in Quality and Productivity Improvement
    Work experience: 7 years
    Position: Consultant
    Email: [email protected]

  71. Anastácio Catombela Arão Maurício says:
  72. Yayé Édith says:

    Is there any full founded scholarship?

  73. Tatek Hunde says:

    I’ll be very happy if I get the chance of scholarship. I’m from Ethiopia. I have MA in TEFL(Teaching English as Foreign Language). I wanna do my PHD and help the world in similar or any other related field of study. Please try to contact me in my email adress. Thank you!

  74. Jonathan Onannuga says:

    I wish to study mathematics in USA as an international student from Nigeria . I really need this scholarship to achieve my dream. I want to be a college tutor/lecturer. I want to extend hands of fellowship and impact knowledge to the growing youth of this generation by teaching them the statistics and mechanics application to life positivity.
    I want to study mathematics as an undergraduate and after that take another degree Masters and also doctorate in same field . I really need this to development myself but finance is really a challenge I have been trying to overcome but is not working yet. I am 38 years already but I am not giving up at all. Please,can someone put me through. Give me some explanation that will lead me to my dream. I am Jonathan Onanuga.

  75. Abdulahi Ali Warfa says:

    Master business administration

  76. Musa Adem Mumed says:

    My name is musa adem
    I have BSc degree in surveying engineering.
    I would like to study MSc any related field I hoppefully thank you.

  77. Hello sponsor, I am David Kuey from South Sudan;I have a bachelor degree in Science in Economics, Can I get UN scholarships for the following reasons; first I was educated by the government of South Sudan as a returnee at the time I came back home from the refugee camp, and after I completed my studies and dreamed too pursue my advance study and again hosted as an Internally Displaced person within our country for 7 years and this led me not too educate myself because of financial disadvantageous. Therefore, youre support
    are needed and appreciated.

  78. Mani Jibo Tsayabou says:

    Hey, I Mani Jibo Tsayabou from Niger, my requirement is that, I would like to do my master among the students of 2022 at this University I get the chance to have this scholarship. Is that possible?

  79. Boja Dinsa says:

    Hello ladies and gentles, I am very appreciated to take my comment here. Because I really want to learn in your Standardized University. So if I’ve chance to enter your Organization I will be succeed! Thank you

  80. Boja Dinsa says:

    My Name is Boja Dinsa.Iam graduate from Kotebe Metropolitan University in 2017 G.C. with Geography & Environmental Studies.Now I want to learn GIS in masters Thank you!

  81. Am dilamo from Ethiopia ineed to apply to fund

  82. Moris says:

    I would like to be part of this program

    Masters in public health


    GUNDARE OLTISHA. Dec 4 ,2021 , 9=00pm.
    Dear I am from Ethiopia and very happy to do my masters ln climate change and sustainable development scholarship program I hope to fill full the requirements.

  84. Mahlet says:

    i am mahlet i want to learn msc degree

  85. Wke Fredd says:

    I studied Dentistry, am I eligible….I will be very glad

  86. Malkamu Dugasa Ayala says:

    I want to learn my Phd of educational leadershi or political science.I am from Ethiopia thank u

  87. i am really happy to hear such kind of opportunity from this institution which is well known plus amazing institution. So i am ready to study in this institution if you want or interested. i am graduated in information technology in university of gondar

  88. Chassie Mireille says:

    Please I wish to have the link to apply

  89. John Dhuor Balang says:

    I hold Bachelor of laws from the university of juba in South Sudan. I’m interested in masters program

  90. Netsanet says:


  91. Maketh Deng John says:

    Am maketh Deng John,from South Sudan.holder of bachelor degree in economics.therefore, very interested in your University for Master degree if granted to me.thanks you

  92. Megersa Bedasa Kenea says:

    I am very happy to hear this chance. Therefore I am very interested to learn msc in Economics and related field. I have BA degree in Economics by 3.64 CGPA at Bonga university. Know I’m a teacher of Economics.

  93. Rebuma Degefa says:

    I would like to get your university

  94. Delil Kasim says:

    I am Delil Kasim from Ethiopia. I am delighted to have a chance of learning my PhD in applied Linguistics. Thank You.

    • firomsa Dessu Benti says:

      If it was full funded scholar I want to study Master degree in accounting and finance

  95. Anozivaishe G. Jani says:

    Hie,my name is Anozivaishe G. Jani from Zimbabwe and l am 19 years old.l am simply marvelled and deeply compelled by this scholarship programme.lts one I’ve always dreamt about.As for now,am currently an A’level student hoping to write my Cambridge exams in June 2021.That goes for Maths,Physics,Chemistry,Mechanics,Statistics.l am looking forward to pursue mechanical engineering.

  96. betelehem wondwossen zeleke says:

    where is the application link

  97. Eman Al Masri says:


    I am interested in doing a master’s degree in Linguistics with special emphasis on clinical linguistics.

    Thank you

    Eman Al Masri

  98. Yaya keita says:

    Hello my name is yaya keita, i am from guinea, i have finished university last year, graduated in chemical engineering at university of gamal Abdel nasser of Conakry. I would like to do my master’s degree in USA. Can you help me please?

  99. Biruk Filimon says:

    I appreciate this chance but how can i apply it? Please i need applification form to register

  100. TadesseTilahun says:

    I’am interesting to learn PhDinveterinery in free school at shipThank

  101. I am very happy to hear this chance. Therefore I am very interested to learn bachalor’s in oxford university “engineering”

    Thank you .

  102. Uwera Aline says:

    I would like to thank you for this opportunity and my dreams was to study in Oxford University. When I get this chance of studing in Oxford I hope it’s my chance to learn mor and now I am a graduate In UTB in Hospitality in Bachelor degrees. Thank you for your good answer wishing you a happy new year

  103. I want study master in Electrical and computer engineering and study masters in medicine

  104. Chris Z Yearr says:

    I am an African from West Africa Liberia I am interested and I promise to obey everything

  105. BETT NICHOLAS says:

    I’m Bett Nicholas degree holder from Kenya and from a humble background family ,Bomet county. I had and still have a dream of pursuing my studies further.During my degree journey my parents exhausted everything and ended up in object poverty which haunts me everyday and night. I studied degree in education ,secondary option ,subject MATHEMATICS AND GEOGRAPHY, and my wishes is to further this and come back to help my country after successful studies.

  106. Precious Jimmy Kapute says:

    Hi, I’m Precious Jimmy Kapute from Malawi. I just sat MSCE and very much ready for the university.
    I would like to do Mecanical Engineering at any of your campuses.
    Please , advise on how to apply and where to get the forms

  107. Boateng Agyeiwaa Sarfoah says:

    I have a bachelor in Education… I wish to study in your prestigious university…

  108. Cool ….studying is the key to life

  109. Name .Selina F Madhuku
    Country.. Zimbabwe
    I just want to say am interested

  110. Olatunde Oluwabukola Racheal says:

    I studied International Relations. And I am in interested in participating in this program.

  111. Gemechu diriba says:

    Hey’ i m Gemechu from Ethiopia get my bacheler degree from haramaya university i want to learn master to your university

  112. Joyce Pande says:

    I would like to apply for a course of masters in business administration. My intention is to open my own company which will help to reduce unemployment in my country and even to assist me to run business easily.

  113. Fekeda Hailu says:

    If you are responsor for me i like to applying this education by any field of study.

  114. Zainab Ibrahim says:

    I am interesting in participating of this program,and I would like to apply for a course of degree

  115. Endalamaw fentie says:

    It is good opertunity i need to learn

  116. Endalamaw fentie says:

    I need to learn

  117. SHALO SOLOMON says:

    I want study master elelctrical and computer engineering

  118. Tamirat Tafese Kebede says:

    My name is Tamirat Tafese I am Ethiopian My first degree was completed in Ethiopia Government University Wolaita Sodo University Civil engineering,i want studying MSc Oxford’s University related field,if you giving chance and I would like thanks to prepare this chance for international students.

    • Alice Jeke says:

      Hie I am a girl aged 25, I recently graduated at National University of Science and technology Zimbabwe,with a first class degree in Fiscal Studies and I wish to further my studies at your institution

  119. Alice Jeke says:

    I wish to have the scholarship,because on my own I can’t afford the fees

  120. Tsion Bewketu says:

    It is really a good opportunity to have my master’s degree in your qualified university in the health department and you will definitely not regreat it in having me in your university.

  121. Mesfin Maregu says:

    I need

  122. Akililu Oche says:

    Interested to join scholarship any ones and most the time trying is contines but never response todays please give to me chance so I have BSc degree by Animal and Range Science from Ethiopia higher university,if you want contact me additional this +251922027447 my phone call it thanks.

  123. I interested to learn at Oxford university by industrial chemistry in Msc program
    Please help me

  124. I am very interested public health master degree

  125. Oluwafemi Gift says:

    I am very interested in surgery operations

  126. iam vere interisted this scolareshepe

  127. Alinafe Mtukula says:

    Let Oxford be my new planet . let me save the human race, give me a chance.

  128. Laurindo Jacob says:

    The application still opened? I want to.
    I’m in Angola, graduated in Medicine by Mandume Ya Ndemufaio University.

  129. Mordecai D Flomo says:

    Am interested in your

  130. Eunice Pwanagba Agabus says:

    Am interested for the 2022/2023 admission session once the notification is out please.Thank you.

  131. Genemu shunti says:

    Iam interested to apply this scholarship

  132. Amanuel Milki says:

    I interested to learn through this chance at Oxford University by computer science in MSC program!!
    Thank you!

  133. Natnael Petros Laa says:

    My name is Natnael Petros, I am from Ethiopia, I am doctor of veterinary medicine graduate, I am interested to learn my MSc in your College.

  134. Dunfa Hunde says:

    This scholarship best chance but this prove how many can do these

  135. Abdisa says:

    I wish to study in uk

  136. Angelo Phiri says:

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