International Freshman Ambassador Scholarships at Point Park University – USA, 2021

Scholarships for the 2022-2023 Academic Year

Point Park University is pleased to offer a wide range of generous merit-based scholarships based on academic and/or artistic achievement.

Scholarships are a form of gift aid and do not need to be repaid. When you are accepted to Point Park, you automatically are considered for these awards. We invite you to explore our many Point Park scholarships, listed below, and their awarding criteria. Scholarships do not apply to summer semesters or courses.

Conservatory students are not eligible for academic scholarships in the Schools of Arts and Sciences, Business, Communication and Education.  View the Conservatory Scholarships.

Brief Description

You’ve worked hard, and we want to reward you for your achievements. Recognizing the academic merits and financial need of our international students, we offer substantial scholarships to help make a Point Park education affordable.

Our privately funded merit scholarships are available to international students at all levels – undergraduate, transfer and graduate. If you are a student from a non-English education country, you are still eligible for scholarship money, based on your academic success and a satisfactory TOEFL/IELTS score.

Some of our undergraduate academic merit scholarships may cover more than 50 percent of the cost of tuition. Merit aid is to be used to offset the cost of tuition and fees ONLY. Below are the scholarships available to international students along with their respective requirements.


Eligible Field of Study

Applicants can undertake any bachelor programme of choice offered at the School of Arts and Sciences, School of Business, School of Communication, or School of Education at PPU.


  • Applicants are required to have a minimum GPA of 3.0.
  • Applicants must score a minimum score of 550 on TOEFL or 7.0 on IELTS.
  • Applicants must also have an ELS Level 112 completion with a cumulative test score of 2.0 or higher to be awarded the bursary.

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  1. Moses P. Flomo Sr.

    I’m a high school diploma holder of the Salayea Central high School in Liberia West Africa, can I be a part of such program ?.

  2. Suleiman Fatima umar

    Hope I will be admitted

  3. I disparate because my friends are already in the USA . Their families were supportive to their education unlike mine. My dad is a tailor he couldn’t dig, and he has low income. I sponsored myself at diploma but because of the war in South Sudan I can’t now. So I really need your sponsorship most.

  4. My name is Boris Tilahun Lema. I am 24 years old. I am from Ethiopia. I have graduated from Mizan Tepi university in 2019 by Bsc degree of Animal Science with a GPA of 3.83 out of 4 point. I want to study in point park university in the college of business if you give this golden opportunity.

    • Am Patrick Tembo from Lusaka Zambia, I completed my grade twelve and started persuing Business administration on party time but due to financial challenges I posed. Looking forward to this scholarship. Cisco to be my next course.

    • Zelalem Abate Balew

      I am Zelalem Abate and i have BSC degree with 3.51 GPA.

    • My name is Galgalo Garbicha . I am from Borana pastoralist community southern part of Ethiopia. I had graduated from Mekelle University (Bsc in Forest and nature conservation) since 2015 and currently MSc candidate from Bule Hora University (MSc in SNRM) due to high financial fee I could not paying that’s why I looking different scholarship program. Please don’t hesitate to contact me through Gmail.
      Thank you for your consideration
      Best regards

  5. I’m interested to study abroad

  6. Francisca gospel

    Please I just got out of high school can I also get a scholarship I don’t have the luxury to study in USA by myself so I really need help.I would like to study nursing if given the opportunity

  7. I’m a holder of medical labo. Science. I’m from Tanzania.I really need that scholarship.

    • Am JOSEPH ZABRON from Tanzania Am holder of Diploma in Educationin Physics and Chemisty so I need to pursue my Degree in Park university
      I need much Sponsor because it was my desire since before to study abroad It is my Hope that IwI will be given this Golden chance.

    • Am JOSEPH ZABRON from Tanzania Am holder of Diploma in Education in Physics and Chemisty so I need to pursue my Degree in Park university
      I need much Sponsor because it was my desire since before to study abroad It is my Hope that IwI will be given this Golden chance.

  8. Tharjiath Reath Bayak

    My name is tharjiath Reath bayak

  9. My name is chernet from ethiopia

  10. Am a PhD student and would like to study more on area that would bring prospect to the world economy, in any university from your scholarship.

  11. I’m high school diploma holder can I be the part of the programs please

  12. Please I just finished my secondary school and am really in need of this scholarship

  13. Joy Chidinma CHIJIOKE

    My name is Joy CHIJIOKE from Nigeria
    I have this great dream but on my own myself
    I really need this opportunity and I hope I get it

  14. My name is ‘Muleta Gudeta’ from Ethiopia. I want to join point park university if you give this great oppurtinity.

  15. ibrahim sorie tunkara

    i really need this opportunity to study am ibrahim s tunkara from sierra leone

  16. ibrahim sorie tunkara

    i honestly want to capacitate myself at that prestigious university

  17. I just want to make my family and nation proud. Am from Nigeria

  18. I want to study management

  19. I want to study social seince

  20. My name is Haftom Abrha Baraki. I am 29 years old. I am from Ethiopia. I have graduated from Queens college in 2021 by masters degree of Business Administration with a GPA of 3.5 out of 4 point. I want to study in point park university in the college of business if you give this golden opportunity.

  21. my name is Tesfaye Roba kenani from Ethiopia i graduated from wollega University Ethiopia with Bachelor of science in nursing i have four years hospital Experience .
    I am interested to learn master in human nutrition .

  22. My name is Abuk Doreen from South Sudan.I am 21 years old, I got fourteen (14) points out of twenty,I completed senior Six from Uganda.
    Kindly allow me for bachelor degree in Law.
    Thanks to get your feedback soon.

  23. My name is Gadafa Daba Gonfa. I am graduated my Bsc.chemical Engineering and I want to learn Ms.Environmental Engineering.

  24. LONEM Prince Béni Robert

    I’m LONEM Prince Béni Robert, I’m bachelor of economics science. I am interested to learn master in Monetary Studies

  25. Hi dear harverd university officials I am very interested in your opening opportunity for scholarship program but you didn’t received my application thanks for responding

  26. Halo again your free global scholarship program is very fashionatig and I am also looking for this golden chance

  27. Iam interested to study in this university

  28. I really want to join your country on Scholarship +260764991320

  29. I am Kabunga Keneth from uganda and just completed highschool, am I eligible for the scholarship

  30. My Name is Yitayew Sale From Ethiopia .I’m Gratuated My BSC Degree In Information Technology Department.
    I Want to learn My MSC Information Technology

  31. First degree (B ED) Educational Administration and Planning from Nigeria

  32. I hope to be accepted for the scholarship and I thank God for you people who had think about helping other people to accomplish there dram.

  33. Abdi Rahman Mohammed ibraahim

    I am very interesting to obtain this program I am from Somalia
    Somalia lack of Quality Education
    Lack of good security and so on

  34. Iam very interest to get this chance i learn Natural Resource mngt by bachilor degree iwents to learn msc program .iam from Ethiopia

  35. I am interested in the scholarship and I prayed to be selected for this opportunity

  36. Samuel Legesse Hurisa

    My name is Samuel Legesse. I am from Ethiopia I am graduated from mettu university the known university in Ethiopia by civil engineering and I am interested to this scholarship apportunities to be selected.

  37. I have got America for Student

  38. Iam interested to study in this universit

  39. I am a Ugandan student holding a diploma in clinical medicine from Ugandan university Kiu. Can I get an undergraduate scholarship to study human medicine in your country?

  40. I need to part of your program

  41. I am very interesting to obtain this chance

  42. I am interested

  43. My name is Prince Melson Dolo From Liberia a graduate of Lango lippaye high school with a diploma.I’M so glad to found part of this great opportunity and I looks forward to hear from your.

  44. lam very interested to study abroard

  45. I am interested to follow is a beuatifull
    news. I am graduated by mathematics .so need y
    our support . How much it is really??

  46. I am electromechanical engineering 5th year student in Ethiopia and I am interested to learn from this university

  47. I am interested to learn and I am electromechanical engineering 5th year

  48. I am second year biotechnology student in Ethiopia and i am interested to learn in this university

  49. I want to learn in point park university

  50. I wish to learn en USA

  51. I am Interestedto learn to follow this it.I am grraduated by civil engineering .so i need your support .please help me

  52. je suis interesse pour cette bourse de formation jai un diplôme DEUA management

    Technicien supérieur informatique réseaux
    Nom Benaissa mohamed elyazid
    Tel +213542728122

  53. Please accept me please

  54. Malkamu Dugasa Ayala

    I am from Ethiopia .If I get a chance I want to learn my PhD of Educatinal/ political science .since my MA is leadership

  55. I want to study in USA

  56. It is a good opportunity for freshman .I have Finished MBAAF from st.mary university. I like to continue my career in your global standard university to achieve my long time plan. Finally I would like to say thank you for your proverbial action. ALEMAYEHU MECHALE FROM – A.A ETHIOPIA

  57. je suis bien j’abbite au Burundi capitale bujumbura mais je suis refugies congolais au burundi

  58. Peter Woyalo Manweah Jr.

    Hi, my name is Peter W. Manweah Jr. I am a liberian and a second semester freshman student at the University of Liberia. Due to the inability to afford my tuition and other financial obligations, I wish to be awarded this scholarship.

    Best regards,

  59. I’m interested ,how can I apply?

  60. Kenechukwu nkwonta

    I’ interested how can I apply

  61. I would love to learn in the US

  62. Hi my dear brather &sister
    I am student of Ethiopia but I like to learn in USA

  63. Samuel Nyamupepema

    If i get a chance i would like to study in USA. I will be studying Information technology.

  64. I really want to porsue my dreams as a civil engineer.that is why your help is highly needed

  65. I am Ethiopian from South nation nationality people and I have Bsc in Chemistry and i want to study Msc in Organic chemistry

  66. I’m interested

  67. I need to study management

  68. Chalchisa Adicho Megersa

    I need to study economics

  69. Evangeline B Bohlen

    Hello I am Evangeline B Bohlen
    I am form West Africa
    In liberia, maryland county
    I am interested in the scholarship

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