International Scholarships In South Florida USA 2021 – 2022

2022-23 scholarship criteria for the Summer/Fall class of 2022 will be released mid-July 2021

Good news – freshmen and transfer students are eligible for merit-based scholarships from the USF Office of Admissions! To be considered for merit-based scholarships from the Office of Admissions, students must submit a complete admissions application by the priority deadline. For additional information about the awarding process, please visit Freshman Scholarship Requirements & Timeline.  ​

International Scholarship Deadlines

The application submission deadline to be considered for freshman admissions scholarships is February 1, 2022. All required application materials must be received by Admissions by the May 1, 2022 completion deadline.

The international freshman scholarship deadlines are:
Application Submission Deadline: February 1
Application Completion Deadline: May 1

The international transfer scholarship deadlines are:
Application Submission Deadline: March 1
Application Completion Deadline: May 1



These awards are not-stackable. Students will receive the highest award for which they qualify within the awarding timeline. All Green & Gold awards are credited in the form of a partial out-of-state tuition waiver; exact award amounts vary based on the number of credits in which a student enrolls each term.

Scholarship Award/Benefits Academic Requirements
USF Green & Gold Presidential Award $48,000
(Up to $12,000 per year)
3.90+ GPA and
1340+ SAT (Evidence-Based Reading and Writing & Math only) or
29+ ACT
USF Green & Gold Directors Award $36,000
(Up to $9,000 per year)
3.70+ GPA and
1280+ SAT (Evidence-Based Reading and Writing & Math only) or
27+ ACT
USF Green & Gold Scholars Award $24,000
(Up to $6,000 per year)
3.50+ GPA and
1210+ SAT (Evidence-Based Reading and Writing & Math only) or
25+ ACT
USF International Student Scholarship $4,000
(Up to $1,000 per year)
3.30+ GPA and
1180+ SAT (Evidence-Based Reading and Writing & Math only) or
24+ ACT

Transfer Scholarships

These scholarships are competitive awards. Meeting the criteria to be considered for a scholarship does not guarantee that a student will receive that award.

Scholarship Award/Benefits Academic Requirements
USF International Transfer Student Scholarship $2,000 ($500 per semester) Cumulative postsecondary GPA of 3.50 or higher with a minimum of 60 transferable credit hours. Application Submission by March 1,
Application Completion by May 1.


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  1. I am interested how to apply master scholarships

    • Juneal M. Johnson

      I will be grateful if I have gotten the opportunities to be part of this process. I’m from Liberia Juneal M. Johnson is my name

    • Is my pleasure to to have this great opportunity to my door step. Since I graduated from high school 2019 there have been no means for me to enter college to achieve my dream, because I’m from a very poor family live in the rural part of liberia. I’m happy to found part of the International student.

    • My name is Awol Deresse Oumer from Ethiopia. I have BSC of IT Can I get MSC positions in any IT and computer Science field. Thanks a lot.

    • I will be grateful if I have gotten the opportunities to be part of this process. I’m from ethiopia my name is kedir

  2. My have interest to studying there but am in south Sudan as you know

  3. am from kenya and scored B in last year exams, i wish to further my education in Electrical Engineering or Civil Engineering . My parents are unable to fund my education due to their financial status.

  4. Jean bosco NIYUKURI

    Thank you very much for this great occasion!

  5. I am from Ethiopia and I want to study my MSc degree in food technology, how can I apply?

  6. I am from Cameroon and I want to study Architecture Engineering . I will be grateful if you enroll me .

  7. Freddie E. Moore

    Many thank to you guys for this opportunity and I’m interested in Studying or applying for the study.

  8. Am intrstend how can I apply

  9. I am really excited to see this chance. My name is Getu chala from Ethiopia. I m teaching higher academic institutions in my country (Wollega University) in media and communication. Near to this my work, i have learnt graduated Theology from Mekene yesus church before 2years in diploma. Currently i have completed my second degree from Jimma University in 2021 G.C. my ambition is to learn PhD degree in your University to develop my potential in political science and internatinal relations. Please, give the chance to learn there.

  10. Ahmed Abdi Jimale

    My name is Ahmed Abdi Jimale I need to learn medicine BSC please Can you assist me?

  11. Hello, My name is Lino Tong, l am South Sudanese and I need to apply for International Schoarships to meet the chance and study medicine.

  12. Please I need some one to help me I want to school abroad and i can do anything for that

  13. Hi Sir/madman please I want to be part of this great opportunity how can I erool am a Liberian?

  14. If i get this chance i have to consider my self Lucy man.

  15. I won’t fully funded

  16. I won’t fully funded scholarship for pHD program

    • I want fully funded scholarship for ms program

      • A wish to pursue a PhD on management but lack the financial support although qualify and experience thanks to having taught for more two decades at college level.

      • Hi my name is Joshua Smith I’m interested I want to study in the United States I’m a Liberian Base in Zwedru.
        I really want to know if I’m selected am I going to sponsor my trip to the United States?

  17. Please, how can apply for this program?

  18. My name is Tadele Feleke I am from Ethiopia, I have MPM degree in public Management with GPA of 3.89 and it is my pleasure to apply to acquire knowledge from your University.

    • Zelalem Daniel Buda

      Please I would like to study chemistry and other related feilds and get a bachelor’s degree on it with a fully funded scholarship how do I go about it


  19. Jefferson Kwazy Gblinwon

    Good evening.
    My name is Jefferson Kwazy Gblinwon a Liberian and a student of the University of Liberia reading environmental science.
    I will be greatful for your institution to help me with this scholarship opportunity to study and after my study to come back to contribute in the development of madam Liberia.

  20. I would love to study there

  21. Nimoa Degefa Guta

    If you get achances iwiil appreciate you

  22. I’m 100% interested. I love to study there.

  23. Henry s Wilson Jr

    I’m interested in applying for bachelor of science degree in public health in your University.

  24. Please I would like to study nursing and get a bachelor’s degree on it with a fully funded scholarship how do I go about it


    Iam Nimona Degefa Guta . I live in Ethiopia and if you get in chances I will appreciate you.

  26. Adebisi Adesola.R

    I am Adebisi Adesola……….. I only have a secondary school certificate and wish to go further but not capable financially.

  27. Adebisi Adesola.R

    I am Adebisi Adesola.R from Nigeria. I have a secondary school leaving certificate but have been unable to study further due to financially in capability. How do I apply?

  28. Domingos MISSANGE César

    First i would like to thank god for this Paramount opportunity.
    I am MISSANGE from Angola and i wish to study in abroad to ver excelent qualificativo, but i do not have financial capacity. Could you help me please?

  29. I appreciate whenever I am accepted for this scholarship.

  30. Cabdicasiis Osman iidle

    I am student refeuge I want schoolarship and unversal please help

    • Scotland Ray Rain Obura

      Dear Sir / Madam
      Iam here by submitting this application letter for your honorable office, concerning the study in USA .
      I would like to upgrade my higher diploma to a bachelor degree in petroleum engineering management , I’ve great ambition to go for further education .
      Iam South Sudanese by nationality age 35 years old single , and I hold diploma in civil engineering obtain at Buganda Royal Institute and a higher diploma in civil engineering management obtained at Egypt academy of engineering science.
      I would be very much greatfull indeed if your office consider the above cited subject under your consideration and assistant.
      I remain yours faithfully.
      Scotland Ray Ray Obura

  31. I’m a 3rd year midwifery student in zambia but I want to obtain my BCn abroad.

  32. it’s honour for me to be with you and study well developed country i am ready this opportunity.

  33. Nehemiah Nquanyui Ndikarmbat

    I will like to continue my education, in BSc in nursing

  34. I am equally interested in doing masters degree on full time scholarship. How do I go about it in terms of applying?? I need help

  35. Good evening,
    I was kindly asking for a scholarship in your school to finish up with my college.

  36. Dagnaw Desalegn Dlie

    I am from Ethiopia I graguated first degree by civil engineering in Debremarkos university.I wish to apply in your scholarship by Msc program.

  37. Please I will be very grateful if am on Scholarships because that’s what am praying for. Thanks

    • latjor luk Reath malual

      I will be very glad if I get chance of winning one of your scholarship to study in USA as geologist and mining

  38. Je suis intéressé

  39. My name is Folley Fahnbulleh, I’M from Liberia, I need a full scholarship to study USA.

  40. J’ai besoin d’une bourse d’étude

  41. I am from Ethiopia I am graduated from Wolkite university school of law by law department in LLB degree and I have great demand for this scholarship and I am applying for it

  42. Eshetu laelago kala

    I’m eshetu laelago kala from Ethiopia I am graduated BA degree in the field marketing management from Adama Science and technology university and I want to study MA in any business and economics field of study if you give me a scholarship.

  43. I’m algu tsegaye beresa from Ethiopia. I m graduated BA degree in computer science from Jimma university I went to study MA in computer engineering

  44. I’m algu tsegaye beresa from Ethiopia. I m graduated BA degree in computer science with GPA 3. 53 from Jimma university I went to study MA in computer engineering

  45. My name is Abdulrahman kato, i would like to continue with my education but my parents passed on, i need some help please

  46. Desalegn Workineh Jibitu

    I’m interested to learn Master in business administration in your university.

  47. Hello dear. Am Moges Bilew; I have Bsc degree in ‘HYDRAULIC. ENGINEERING’. Now, i need to study Msc degree in this department by full scholarship. So, How can i apply?

  48. I am Natoli Feyissa from Ethiopia.I am graduate of Law in first degree and MA in peace and security study. I want to pursue my PHD in law,peace,security or conflict resolution.would you help me please?

  49. Solomon salih ketema

    I need this scholarship from study in usa and i need graduate with space science


  50. Hajara adam Ibrahim

    Am interested in your scholarship I hope I can get it thank u

  51. Am interested .I really need the scholarship’s

  52. i am an ethiopian iwant to study my bsc in jornalism or applied phyisics

  53. Thanks you chance

  54. Mesfin Tefera Zewde

    I would Like to Study My Master Program

  55. Mesfin Tefera Zewde

    My name Is Mesfin Tefera Zewde i From Ethiopia
    I have A Bsc degree In Biology And BA Degree In Accounting And Finance If You Consider My Application Iam Intersted to Stady My Master Progrram In Bussiness Management Or Micro Biology

  56. my name is Dagaga fanta I’m from from Ethiopia, I’m learning Envirnomental engineering at our local university (Haramaya Universty)
    If my application is approved I’m interested to learn there!
    Thank you!

    • Firstly my name is Prince E. Bannie I’m very glad to come across this opportunity which I have been praying for all through my life finally it’s have come my way. I’m from Liberia and studying computer science and have been praying for an opportunity like this to forward myself into a foreign country to advance my course I’m awaiting your convinienant time of interview if my application is accepted I will be very glad to hear that and will be expecting a notification or call from you people by the grace of God I know that my God will see me through this and will reach out to your my application in Jesus name amen.

  57. Were can I apply to this scholarship

  58. Wow
    This is a great opportunity to grasp. I wish to find out if people with second class lower division GPA can be eligible

    • Great opportunity for us and thanks for grunting. hence please, I had msc in health and want to learn phd if I am candidate. so let be again apologize.

  59. am interested please if u will help me I want to study mechanical engineering

    • My name is Prince G Kpengba, just in high school looking for a scholarship. I want to be a IT specialist but know want to help me.

  60. Am Saaya from Kenya. i would like to study bachelor of science in pharmacy…how do i apply

  61. Desta Kumera Worji

    I am Desta Kumera Worji I have a master in general public health. Can I get phd in any public health field? Thankyou

  62. Am from Kenya , need to persue masters in curriculum development ,,consider me

  63. Am very interested and i want to apply

  64. Thanks for the great opportunity how do I apply coz I want to advance in clinical medicine

  65. I am getu denbelo i want to learn master in project management

    • Hi and happy New year
      I living in DRC, i have my higth school diploma
      I have the désire yo study in usa in médecine
      I’m a student in learnamericanenglishonline
      Please hepl me because i love to study in usa
      Thank toi.

  66. Help will be of good gesture for someone like me who is in need of help. Let me study abroad too

  67. Help will be of good gesture for someone like me who is in need of help. Let me study abroad too. It will be of gre help at least

  68. my name is melese jote and I want to learn PHD in any health and health related program, thanks for your grunt.

  69. I want to forward my education, but I don’t have no money or parents to help me, so I’m appealing to you or your institution for help.

  70. My name is Joseph S Cooke, from West Africa Liberia. I obtained a high school diploma, and a University drop out due to Financial Problem. I am really interested in Studying my BS and MS in Biomedical Science in the US if I am opportune of this Scholarship.

  71. I am ready to study, and happy to be there,according to currently available situations of Ethiopia. Even for my family support.

  72. Je suis intéressé

  73. I want to learn if get a chance my PhD in political science. I have MA in leadership

  74. Ngomechabe francis ngolle

    Hello am Ngomechabe francis ngolle from Cameroon, I first of all appreciate the helping hands that you people offering to us , I speak and write both English and French fluently and will appreciate if I was oppotuned to be among those you will offer a helping hand to improve in their education and career thanks

  75. My name are Lassana V Sesay Jr from the Republic of Liberia west Africa , I am glad to come across south a opportunity and wish to be accepted for the scholarship .

  76. I’m interested

  77. Iam asking to your respective consideration for scholarship because a human being is a part of exchange going among other human being

  78. I am competant candidates to apply

  79. I’m interested in gaining scholarship to study abroad. Please help me to further my education in Basic education

  80. Japhet Joseph Malashi

    I have the desire to study their my undergraduate degree their please help me

  81. I want to study my Masters program there please help me.

    • Dear,all workers of scholarship committee.I am Veterinary department student in DILLA UNIVERSITY.I am Ethiopian.I have a dream to get scholarship and do for our people.

  82. Abdualqader Yahya Tapet

    My name is Abdul Qadir, my nationality is Yemeni, and unfortunately I do not find respect for my country as a citizen because of my mother’s nationality, which is Somali. I got a scholarship in Yemen. From Save the Children I started studying in the first semester, and because of the war, I had to go to Djibouti with my family. And now we are refugees in the central camp and this is our sixth year in asylum without any care for me or a competent authority to teach until I have a good future. I am very interested in your scholarship and I thank everyone who worked and made this program a success

  83. Am by name kueth koang Riak interested in your wonderful and convenient scholarship

  84. I’m interested in furthering my education abroad in the field of agriculture and food security . From south Sudan. Help me where necessary if possible . Thanks for yr advertisement..

  85. Malkamu Dugasa Ayala

    I am happy for this chance .I want to learn PhD of political science / Educational leadership
    I am graduate by MA of Educational leadership.I am from Ethiopia

  86. Please how do I apply

  87. Kelvin Princewell Boateng

    I want a full found scholarship please

  88. This is from Ethiopia how can I apply please help me

  89. Daniel A.K.Williams

    I am a undergraduate student

  90. How can i apply ? I need your help pls

  91. Isaac Patrick kamara

    Need a full time scholarship please

  92. My nam is Tsegaye Chemere from Ethiopia. I have recently seen your advert for International Scholarships and I would like to apply. I am qualified in a Degree of B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering and M.Sc. in both “Materials Science and Engineering” and in “Thermal Engineering” from Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia. I am very keen to continue my PhD. whether in “Materials Science and Engineering” or in “Thermal Engineering”. I am very interested in your scholarship and I look forward to hearing the response from you.
    My name is Tsegaye Chemere from Ethiopia.

  93. I have my interested for USA scholarship

  94. Thanks for the great opportunity I have BsC of public health I want to study master of public health

  95. Berhanu Henjaro Herano

    My name is Berhanu Henjaro . I am from Ethiopia. I have BSc in Information Technology (IT). I want learn MSc in Information Technology (,IT). Thank you!

  96. I interesting to this program participate

  97. My wish like everyone else is to get a scholarship. Please consider for l will be of good use to any institution.

  98. Hi god night my friends i want uneverstay schollarshis cal me i hope talk happy my yusuf dayib i live in soomaliya my nuber 252 0636686318

  99. Matendeko Nsontwa

    Am from Zambia may you kindly guide me on how to get the scholarship,I will highly appreciate

  100. Versuiriwo sidonie Epse Bulewa

    I am versuiriwo sidonie I am a cameroonian. I graduated from the University of Yaounde capital city of Cameroon. I will like to further my education in the U S

  101. Mustafa Muhammad Aliero

    All the scholarships reached the deadlines before I was aware of them.

  102. Hi, am Muzi Dlamini From the Kingdom of Eswatini, please help me I want to apply for Masters of Business in Administration

  103. It will be grateful i f gotten opportunity to be a part of this university looking for the faculty of general medicine

  104. I’m still waiting for my results, as they were delayed by this pandemic. But I’m interested on this scarce and rare opportunity to study in USA

  105. I’m interested in furthering my education abroad in the field of agriculture and food security . I am from Ethiopia. Help me where necessary if possible . Thanks for yr advertisement..

  106. I’m interested in furthering my education abroad in the field of MBA . I am from Ethiopia. Help me where necessary if possible . Thanks for yr advertisement..

  107. Muzi Tokyo Dlamini

    Hi, hope message finds you well. Please help am from Swaziland i want to study MBA, Please help me in following the procedure to follow when applying for abroad scholarship

  108. Rammah Ali Alarassi

    I am from yemen . I want to study M.A in English langauge .
    my name is Ramah Alarassi

  109. Ricardo Villarin

    Just going to leave a comment. I want to to try.

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