Deadline for applications: February 1, 2021

Applications open now.

Various scholarships are available for new international students based on criteria such as financial need, academic merit, and educational goals. Students are required to complete an online application and several short essays for consideration. Applications for need-based scholarships must be completed no later than February 1, 2021. To be eligible for consideration for the need-based scholarships, students must complete their application for admission by the regular deadline (January 1 for freshman applicants; transfer admission deadlines vary) and be admitted to the University of Minnesota by April 1.

Eligibility Criteria:

Meeting these criteria does not guarantee that you will receive a scholarship. Students are eligible to receive ISSS need-based scholarships under the following conditions only:

  • You must be admitted to and enrolled full-time in a degree program as an international student at the U of MN at the time of award disbursement
  • You must be in legal F-1 student visa status at the time of award disbursement
  • While a student, you must maintain satisfactory academic progress toward completion of your degree, maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above, and maintain consecutive term enrollment

Because we do not offer full scholarships, candidates will only be eligible to receive an award if they demonstrate financial need within the expected range of available scholarship funding ($1,000-$5,000). 

In awarding the need-based scholarships, the selection committee is guided by the following statement: The University values diversity, broadly defined, to include diversity of experiences, perspectives, backgrounds, and talents. Enrolling a diverse community of scholars interested in learning with and from each other fosters discussion and discovery inside and outside of the classroom.

Recipients of awards are notified via email by April 1 of the year they plan to enter the University.

These ISSS scholarships are for new students only. If you are already enrolled at the University of Minnesota, please visit the International Student and Scholar Services website for financial resources.

Source / More information: Official Website.



  1. Well, as I feel a need to pursue my studies and no financial conditions, I would appreciate if you offered me a fully-funded scholarship for PhD in Anthropology.
    Hope you help me.


  2. Emmanuel SC Thomas

    I am willing to study in USA if the student visa is available for me, my quest for a leadership role and responsibilities through higher learning can never be over emphasize. Happiness will will be my for me and maintain high level of commitment and respect for all.

  3. I’m willing and interested in the scholarship program, if God can give me the opportunity to get a scholarship for higher learning I am willing to learn to become important in the society.

  4. Hello I am Parviz Graduated from the Faculty of Engineering I want to get my master’s degree in the United States Please help me Thank

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