Nigeria’s seat of power, Abuja and its commercial nerve centre, Lagos will host the FCV Gladiators Football camps, which debuts in April.

The Lagos camp will hold at the University of Lagos Sports Centre from April 14 to 19, while the Abuja leg will hold at Aduvie International School from April 21 to 26.

The camp, which is a brainchild of Dynaspro Sports Promotion and Advanta Interactive Limited, is expected to give a new outlook to football with special attention to education.

According to Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Oluseyi Oyebode, the camp is a departure from the usual football-focused clinic, as it would give special attention to the education of the participants.

“It is a great beginning. For the first time, we are having a foreign partner that is so keen on education and football; that has been the missing link.

“We will encourage as many as possible to be part of the first camp so that they can have the taste of what it takes. Children from schools will now have the orientation and know the importance of sports and education.

“Today, we have a lot of our ex-players and ex-athletes suffering by not being able to manage the successes, not being able to manage their finances while making the money,” Oyebode said.

Oyebode revealed that about 20 schools have already bought into the project in Lagos and Abuja, adding, “for the first time, we will have school coaches, coaches from the grassroots having FA certification and that is the greatest value that you can think about.

“This will give the trainers the same orientation that an average British coach will have in working with the youth academy. This will evolve and help development of football in Nigeria.”

Also speaking on the project, the Director of UK-based FCV International Academy, Martin Harris, said it would help to give direction to football camp in Nigeria.

“The programme is unique in the fact that we are not just here to impact football knowledge, but also to enhance their academics as well.
“Various life skills, team work and every other things involved are the core values the kids involved in the camp will enjoy,” Harris said.


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