Leadership Scholarships for Post Graduate Education

Leadership Scholarships is a very important this g in the world, it deserves to be because it’s the game changer of lives everywhere. So making sure that the future leaders of the world are well groomed and morally trained for the job has always been a concern for the governments of the world for centuries and ingenious ways have been devised since historical times to help combat these problems ranging from sending future leaders to great philosophers as students and so much more.

Right now, in the 21 st century, this problem has quite a simple solution; various scholarships are given on a leadership basis in the multitude of universities all across the globe.
Therefore, in this article today, I will be telling you about leadership scholarships for students pursuing their postgraduate studies, please note that you are only eligible for these scholarships if you are wishing to pursue a leadership role as your career after completing the course.

If you have all these requirements, then read on,

The AASA Educational Administration Scholarships

This Is a prestigious leadership scholarship opportunity that is available annually and helps train the next generation of educational leaders and administrator, please note that the scholarship applications closes yearly by September 30th It is hosted by the American Association of School Administrators (AASA) and offers these Educational Administration Scholarships to five outstanding graduate students who are interested in pursuing a master’s of doctoral degree in a course that is related to school administration and educational leadership.

To be able to be considered for this rather prestigious and competitive scholarship, the candidate must be a current student o fany USA graduate school, must be academically perfect, and must wish to become a school superintendent as his/her career in the future.

The Alpha Delta Kappa ITE Scholarships

This is another prestigious scholarship for people with leadership aspirations and goals, the scholarship has been around for quite a while, since 1961 in fact, and is one of the most popular scholarships for leadership positions in the whole world.

The scholarship targets students from developing countries and countries outside the USA and is targeted for women. Please note that the deadline for this scholarship yearly is on January 1 st , on the New Year’s Day.

The scholarship is hosted by the International Teacher Education (ITE) program and aims at providing scholarships worth $10,000 a students who wish to pursue their master’s degree in education in any university in the USA. To be able to apply, you must be a single woman with no person to support you financially, must be aged between 25 and 30, must be one of the best in your class academically, you must also have completed your undergraduate studies.

The Applegate-Jackson-Parks Future Teacher Scholarships

Before you even consider this scholarship, please note that it’s for teachers and people who wish to be teachers and is an annual scholarship that its deadline is on December 31 st yearly. It is quite a prestigious university scholarship.

the Applegate-Jackson-Parks Future Teacher Scholarship, which is one of the best leadership scholarships out there in the world,, I personally recommend it, the scholarship is awarded through the National Institute for Labor Relations Research and give $1,000 yearly to an outstanding student who happens to major in Education in his or her educational pursuit. Eligibility for this scholarship depends on a lot of factors and I am about to mention some of them, read them carefully and understand if they are par with your skills.

They are; the interested applicant must already be a student of a tertiary institution in the USA, the interested applicant must possess a valid teaching license, the person must demonstrate superior and talented academic strength, which is a game changing criterion for teachers and future teachers.

The BHD Endowed Scholarships for Teachers

This is yet another good scholarship for teachers and people who wish to be teachers in the future; it is also an annual scholarship and is sponsored by the Central Scholarship Foundation, please note that the scholarship’s deadline is April 1 st and doesn’t change from that date.

the BHD Endowed Scholarships for Teachers is worth $2,500 each and is awarded to qualified graduate students that already have undergraduate degrees in non-education fields but desire to get their master’s or doctoral degree in teaching.

Necessary criteria for consideration include; Must be residential in the US state of Maryland, The student must have maintained an overall GPA of 2.0 as a minimum , the interested student must also be a student an accredited U.S. graduate school, and live within 200 miles of Baltimore.
The Bound to Stay Bound Books Scholarship

I personally recommend this scholarship because I love its methods of selection, so if you read and find that you have the necessary eligibility criteria, I advise you to apply to this one, be mindful though and apply on this time because the application for the scholarship ends yearly on March 1 st with no extensions.

The Bound to Stay Bound Books (BTSB) Scholarship provides $7,000 as tuition assistance to four men and women who wish and dream of acquiring a graduate degree in library and information science, or library science administration, I really recommend this scholarship

The Donald H. and Verna S. Duncan Fellowship Scholarships

This scholarship known as the Donald H. and Verna S. Duncan Fellowship scholarship is a prestigious leadership scholarship that is available to active student members who are currently pursuing an advanced education degree at the master’s, specialist, or doctoral level, it is a very important and highly prestigious leadership

Eligibility for the scholarship is strict and include that the interested Applicant must be enrolled in an accredited U.S. graduate program in educational leadership program designated to lead public preschool, elementary, middle, or high schools. I personally love the scholarship

The Dr. Marc Hull Special Education Leadership Scholarship

This particular scholarship was created in honor of a former Vermont commissioner of education who created learning opportunities for students with disabilities. Applicants are selected on grounds of academic achievements, leadership potentials, and recommendation letters.



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