Master’s Degree “International Media Studies”

It’s a great opportunity to explore a range of theories and perspectives from around the world and benefit from staff expertise across a multidisciplinary department aimed at producing the best media professionals,” said 26-year-old student Erica Ehiamah from Ghana. The Master’s Program “International Media Studies” (IMS) is especially designed for graduates from developing and transition countries with previous media experience.

As a joint project of the University of Bonn, the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences and DW Akademie, DW’s center for international media development, journalism training and knowledge transfer, the program offers a perfect learning environment for up to 30 students per year. “We exchange opinions and get into discussions with people from all over the world who have different experiences and mindsets. This can help us create our own ideas about topics that we would otherwise not necessarily think about,” said Andrea Ariet. She was born in Barcelona, Spain and lived in Poland and Belgium before coming to Bonn for the IMS program.

Wide range of topics and media industry challenges

The interdisciplinary study program is conducted in English, combining topics such as media and development, journalism, communication science and media management. The full-time, four-semester Master’s degree offers an unparalleled mix of research, lectures and practical experience and prepares students for careers in the communications and media industries.

In practical modules and research projects, the students deal with current and future issues facing the media industry such as self-censorship of media professionals and environmental journalism. “With the media at the center of fighting climate change, it is vital that media professionals really understand the situation so that they can disseminate factual and accurate information,” stressed IMS student Erica Ehiamah. After graduating from the program, she aims to gain additional skills in the media industry and then become a development communicator. She said data-driven and stories with a human touch are crucial for environmental journalism.

Admission requirements

Every year, up to 30 applicants are admitted to the program. Highly qualified candidates from developing and emerging countries can apply for a scholarship and will complete their degree in their home countries to facilitate direct access to the respective job markets.

For more information on our Master’s program, see the information on the admission requirementsand visit our FAQ.

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