Are you interested in studying abroad? Are you constantly on the web searching for scholarships to apply for? If the answers to the above questions were yes, then you are on the right page because I am going to help you sort out those two problems on this article.

In this article I am going to give you a list of the very best places to search for scholarships and find relevant scholarships to tastes and preferences, in this article, I will also give you list of places to apply for these scholarships.

Just read on, as successfully reading this article to the end will help save the time that you spend surfing the web, flitting from webpage to webpage looking for scholarship listings, and looking for the home sites of these scholarships in order to apply for them.

Pay attention to this article and read it with all your heart, it might be the article that provides you the pathway to your success and potential acceptation by a scholarship opportunity. They are;

Study Portals

This site deserves to be on the top of this list, it truly merits this position as it has helped thousands of students worldwide find study abroad programs in over 3,000 universities listed on the platform all around the world.

It gives countless Students the chance to see hard to find information about elite universities, colleges, law and, medical schools.
Along with the ability to see information on these universities, the platform also gives step-by-step information and guides on how to successfully apply to their dream university.

It prides itself in being a realistic guide and successful academic adviser to many students in helping them choose the
perfect college or university for them to study. It is also reassuring that if you should ever run into any issues or problems along the way, there are standby Staff members ready to answer your questions no matter how trivial they may sound.

Planet Education

This is another platform that has made a name for itself in helping students find the perfect learning and studying environment for them, it has been around for a long time and has not lost its relevance since then.

Planet Education was founded in the year 1999 and has helped over 20,000 students since then which is a massive number. It has displayed its zeal to stay and has even gotten physical offices in countries all-around the globe. They also have a platform where the students can receive skills and test training before they submit their applications, which is phenomenally helpful when applying for these study abroad programs.

Admit Kard

This is another popular and amazing platform that has helped many students seeking admission to universities abroad to fulfill their dreams. This platform desires to make international education available to students from any corner of the world.

One of the social and most unique things about the platform is that is a very personalized and seamless system that tends to puts your
interests first, hence helping you find the perfect study program faster.
There are also features on the platform that show guidance and advice from students who have already fulfilled their abroad dreams through this platform and those who have practical and factual help for you which is a really helpful thing to a first time applicants.

There is also a feature that allows you get practical, useful, and helpful advice from the onsite educational advisors who
are ever-present to make sure that the platform runs smoothly.

Make Me Study Abroad and the Word Point These two platforms are two very useful programs developed to be very
beneficial students all across the world and help them fulfill their dreams of
studying abroad.
Make Me Study Abroad is a platform that was designed for Indian students who wish to study abroad. The site was built very well and is seamless, fast and efficient to use, it even comes with an online eligibility calculator used to calculate how eligible you are for a particular program and helps you identify programs that you are best fitted for. The platform also offers a one-on-one personalized educational counseling with students to help students make thebest choices and choose relevant and beneficial study programs.

The Word Point platform is basically the same and is very similar to its partner with the major difference being that The Word Point is available for students from all countries not just India like its partner.

Kings Learning

Kings Learning is another brilliant platform out there in the world and is one that I really love and recommend. The main goal of the platform is to help students learn spoken English. It wants to be the bridge between the educational system and the employment market thus helping smoothen the transition from the school system to the workforce.

It does this by providing constant on site support from experts and personalized services helping you speed up your study plans, saving you the time, stress, and money required consulting an educational counselor physically. The whole process is an online process, making it very fast.

IIE Funding for U.S. Study

This is a database of vetted scholarships, fellowships, and grants for students who require financial help with their education. The site is well arranged and information can be searched for on the site using the scholarship’s:
• Program name
• Sponsoring organization
• Area of study or
• Region/Country of origin


This is another free site where you can find vetted lists of grants, international scholarships, loan programs and other financial aids.

Scholarship Positions

This is my personal favorite site to get information on scholarships and financial aids to helpstudents fulfill their dreams of completing their education in world-class universities all across the globe. The platform has information on hundreds of scholarships and other so on. You can easily find information about the following on the site.

• The Scholarship application deadlines
• various Scholarship amounts
• the number of available scholarships



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