Scholarships at University of Florida USA for International Universities-2021

Scholarships help you graduate from FIU with your degree and with little to no debt. Scholarships are usually merit-based financial aid (awarded based on your grades and achievements) but some may have need-based requirements as well. Apply to as many scholarships as you can and apply early to increase your chance of being awarded.

First Year Students

  • First Year Merit Scholarships

    Merit scholarships are very competitive. Students must prove a record of high academic achievement to qualify to apply. The following are the top merit scholarships for incoming first year students:

    • Presidential Premier – Students with 4.0 GPA and 1370 SAT / or 30 ACT. Awards 100% tuition and fees plus a book stipend.
    • Ambassador Premier – Students with 4.0 GPA and 1280 SAT or 27 ACT. Awards 75% tuition and fees plus a book stipend.
    • National Merit – Students who qualify for Presidential/Ambassador scholarships and are selected as a finalist. Awards full tuition, fees, room and board, up to the cost of attendance as published by the Office of Student Financials.
    • FIU Collegeboard National Recognition Programs (African American, Hispanic, Indigenous, or Rural and Small Town Recognition) – Students who qualify for Presidential/Ambassador scholarships and are selected as a finalist. Awards full tuition, stipend for books and $1000 stipend towards meal plan each semester.

    Application Requirements

    • Be a newly admitted FIU first year student
    • Meet academic eligibility listed above
    • Submit 2 letters of recommendation
    • Write an essay response to a prompt

    Visit the FIU Scholarship Search for applications, deadlines, requirements and award notifications for these scholarships and others. FIU sends notification of scholarship awards by email. Note: scholarships are removed once the deadline has passed.


    Your department or program may offer scholarships to a select number of students. Find scholarships through the FIU Scholarship Search. The FIU Office of Scholarships helps students find and complete applications for many FIU scholarships as well as others not offered by the university. Competition for scholarships is high among grad school students, so working with the Office of Scholarships to improve your application can help give you a competitive edge.

    Information regarding additional forms of funding, including assistantships and fellowships, can be found on the University Graduate School’s Funding Page.

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  1. Manchester Charles Dzinkambani

    I need this scholarship in order tp pursue my studied in MSc plant Breeding, Agronomy or Soil Science.

  2. Bonsoir ! titulaire d’une Licence en sciences agronomiques à l’université d’Ai au Tchad,je souhaite poursuivre mes études dans l’une des universités que ma candidature correspondra au profil demande par l’université,merci

    • Allaramadji Abba Abdallah répond au de Allaramadji Abba Abdallah étudiant en droit et je suis un orphelin de même qu’ viens aupres de votre personnalité solliciter une demande d’admision à votre université. Merci

  3. Benjamin Awunah Addi

    Please I need scholarship for my masters degree program
    Any program relating to laws and policies in disability studies
    I am hoping to hear from you

  4. I want to follow there University

  5. I need this scholarship in order tp pursue my studied in MSc chemical engineering in different streams

  6. Rasamiarisoa Onja Fitiavana Nandrianina

    Hello, I’d like to apply at this scholarship because I don’t have enough money to follow my dream to study in law
    I got my bachelor degree last year

  7. I need the scholarship

  8. Sikhulisiwe Ndlovu

    I need this scholarship for my phd

  9. Constance Chauke

    I also need a full scholarship in Counselling Psychology.
    I did Advanced level Pure Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry.

    • I will be grateful if I can offer a full scholarship in order to study in your university. I studie advanced diploma programme in mathematics and science


    I need fully funded scholarship to do my master degree in Information Technology (IT). I’M Aa Liberian national from Liberia, located in West Africa.

  11. Moonde Ng'andu

    I need this scholarship to persue my MSc- in biology related program

  12. I am atmined to cement 09 years experience of insurance by academic of Chartered insurance Institute ( Dip + Advanced Dip).

  13. I want to join this university and I am form Ethiopia veterinary epidemiology specialist

  14. I need this scholarship to pursue MSc in Agricultural Mechanization

  15. I have BA degree in management i can apply MBA in masters please help me from Ethiopia …un married

  16. Catherine Muhone

    My name is Catherine. Please assist me with a scholarship in International Relations.

  17. Public health and Environmental studies

    • I have BA degree by social work from Ist rank university of Ethiopia and if possible, I need to continue my 2nd degree with similar department from your esteemed institution. thanks.

    • Cecelia Smallwood

      I’m Applying for the scholarship to advance my study in nursing


  19. I am interested tis scholarship Bsc nursing

  20. Excuse me to ask, but what courses do you offer?


    If i get this chance,i will be happy .
    Thank you so much.

  22. Please, help me read law at your University. I really need financial assistance to further my education. I had only finished high school and l needed help to further my education. Thank you.

  23. I just want to become the professional in cyber security so please help me because they say no man is an island that means I can afford the fees to pay myself. Help

  24. Mengistu Muluneh Aboye

    MSC degree in industrial Engineering

  25. Silvia Christopher Mganga

    I need to study master’s in botanical sciences.

    • I have bachler degree by animal production
      I am very interested to get scholarship
      And I need to this scholarship to persue master by animal breeding

      Thank you

  26. Please I am applying for this scholars ship for AA degree.

  27. hello
    , i am in the last year of high school i want the scholarship in your university because i want study international relationship

    • Please I love the city and the university and if you give me the chance to study I would study and be the proud and my self , I need to get this

  28. I hereby applying for this scholarships to advance my study abroad

  29. I appreciate for your interest to help us, l already finished my secondary school this year and I’m interested to apply in your University to achieve my goals and ambitious of studying international relations.

  30. I am civil engineering graduate BSC degree seek Master degree

  31. I am Hawa Jessy studying Public Health. I want this scholarship to forward my education

  32. Zerhun Tilahun Ayele

    Iam interested

  33. Hello,,, I am Interest to study Msc in chemical Engineering in different streem.

  34. I need scholarship in order to undertake masters in forensics and security management.

  35. I need fully funded scholarship to do my master degree in Information Technology (IT). I’M Ethiopian .

  36. Hello I need this scholarship in order to further my education and achieve my academic goals.

  37. Tesfaye Roba kenani

    my name is Tesfaye Roba from Ethiopia i graduated from wollega University with bachelor of science in nursing i have eigh years experience i kindly request your University to get master in health.

    Thank you.

  38. My name is Yibekal Tumicho from Ethiopia I am graduated from wachemo University with bachelor of electrical and computer engineering . I kindly request you your University to get master degree in computer engineering.

  39. I want scholarship

  40. My name edao guye from Ethiopian,I want scholarship

  41. I like it

  42. My name is birhanu melese from Ethiopia, graduated from Assosa University college of health sciences with BSC degree in public health officer, and I want to study my MSC in general public health or medicine. If I get this opportunity, I am happy

  43. My name is birhanu melese from Ethiopia, graduated from Assosa University, college of health sciences, department of public healthwith BSC degree in public health officer, in 2019.i want to apply for my MSC I medicine or general in public health. I will be very happy if I get this opportunity.

  44. Chala chewaka fite

    Thanks to allowing this Chance

  45. I need this scholarship, please.
    I’m from Algeria, i am a student at university.

  46. Estifanos zerihun

    My name is Estifanos and I am from Ethiopia. I would like a chance to study at your university.

  47. Bourse d’étude

  48. Hi could someone help me plz i really want to apply this scholarship but i don’t know how

  49. Need to do masters in organizational leadership

  50. I wish my deepest thanks for availing this chance….
    I want to join this to learn health Economics whether its masters or PhD….

  51. Am Nakhokho Isaac from Uganda holing a diploma in accounting and finance and need a scholarship to study bachelors of science in accounting and finance.

  52. Pinelo VIolet Makoala

    I am very interested i need to continue with my studies..i need your help please.

  53. Hello, I’M Amira Nejib am geraduted for software enginering. I am intersting ur scholarship sponser to give me am learning Ms progam

  54. Roger bunduki 05@gmail. com

  55. I would like to get this Scholarship to improve my language.

  56. Am Wilson Ansah Obuobi. .and I need a scholarship to further my education. .please help me out and I promise to work for you I graduate

  57. I am interested in the scholarship to further my education.

  58. Biniyam mekuria deramo

    I am interested in study scholarship to Future my education… please help me out and I promise to study hard and to work hard for you graduate.

  59. I hold Bsc degree in environmental and occupational health. If i get opportunity hear i am strongly increase my knowledge to become important to others.

  60. I need a scholarship here in malawi

  61. I m interested to schoolarship Msc education in USA please help me

  62. I am interested in getting this scholarship to enable to obtain my master degree. Mainly, because I am from a less fortunate family. And I want to give back to my country and community.

  63. I need that scholarship in order to pursue greater heights

  64. i need to study in this place!

  65. I went to learn the florida University so
    How to

  66. My name is Mohamett barre ilive in zone liban from Ethiopia specially distric filtu woreda so how to get the free schoolership of an other country

  67. I really need this for me ICT
    Am a very good designer base on people comments.
    I want to learn more

  68. My name is Esayas Mengesha Nikola I am from Ethiopia I need to study medical science

  69. 3ème licence sociologie

  70. Michael Mayom Mayen

    I’m interested to be part of FIU family. I want to do masters in business administration

  71. I have been always dreaming to be come a civil engineering

  72. I need to schoolarship please to continue with my ICT

  73. I am interested Bachelor or undergraduated degree
    I live in Ethiopia

  74. I am interested Bachelor of hospitality management & medicine, or public all health in university oxford

  75. I am from South Sudan/juba/mangalla paym.
    I am interesting to in Canada.
    I want to study civil engineering or electrical engineering.

  76. Please I need the scholarship to fund my bechellor degree in Education management

  77. Ok

  78. I really need this scholarship so that I can build my career

  79. I would be so great ful if i get a chance to do electromotive enginering in ur university

  80. Mohamed Amine KADDOUR

    Thank you usa❤️

  81. I would like complet my masters degree by thermal and aerospace engineering

  82. I need that scholarship for M.phil in chemistry

  83. I am interested

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