STRIKE: Why Over 3000 Private Schools in Anambra State Went on Strike

Am sure most of use must have heard the recent strike action embarked by Private schools in Anambra state, the first ever experienced in the entire country.

But then the question still remains; “what was the reason for a strike?”

On monday 16 March 2020, National Association Proprietors of Private Schools(NAPPS) embarked on a strike action in Anambra state, leading to a temporal closure of over 3000 schools in the state.

The scheduled 3-days strike was as a result of heavy charges mounted on private schools by the state government.

These aggrieved proprietors bitterly complained that the state government has set out its pitch to extort money from private schools as it has imposed heavy charges on them amounting up to millions, Talkmill Reports.

While giving a slight breakdown on what this levies looks like, Mr Chinazo Raphael on behalf of the association was quoted in a report as saying thus;

“As I speak with you right now, we are asked to pay business premesis which is not done any were and we are asked to pay 50,000 Naira approval forms for private schools and before you get the approval, you must have spent 200 000 Naira and after that you now pay another 250,000 Naira to be given approval letter”.

“We are always intimidated by government tax force agents who transload our school children from our bus to their bus and detain the children in their office until we come to pay 20, 000 Naira for the branding of our school bus and after that we still pay 40,000 Naira – 50,000 Naira for school sign board.”

“Can you imagine, that the fire Service department come to disturb us with payment of levies which is between 20,000 Naira and 30,000 Naira as well as environmental levy. The government also has two agencies that come to demand all types of levies and when you refuse the thugs will attack our teachers and workers.”

Speaking further, the association also noted that government is only collecting money from them and not giving out any incentives as they give to public and mission schools who pay lesser.

“How do you explain the payment of 100 Naira by every pupil and student from private schools since last year? and 150,000 Naira for examination books and registration renewal fee of 300 Naira per school whereas public schools pay 30 Naira”

The association also noted that the strike action was just warning if the issue is not addressed, the association would apply all means as to resist this multiple taxation.

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