Top 10 Insurgency Free States In Nigeria

Nigeria has ranked one of the unsafest country in the world Since the emergence of Bokoharam. This has been a major challenge to the country.

Recall, In 2014, the federal government kicked start the war against terrorism, But then “is Nigeria free from terrorism?” Lemme leave you to answer that question.

In this post, we shall highlight the Top 10 insurgency free states in the country. Hang On!!

1. FCT, Abuja

FCT Abuja, has proven to be the safest city in the entire country Nigeria. Someone will ask “why?”, the reason is because it has been a national abode of most politicians. Hmmm!! So you see security is really really tight.

Although neighboring states the likes of Kogi state has been battling with herdsmen invasion resulting to several lose of lives and properties, But the FCT has not had such life threatening situation expect the “Abuja Bomb Blast” recorded since 2014.

2. Osun state

According to data collected by the Nigerian Peace Index(NPI) between 2010 and 2016, Osun state has been ranked the most peaceful state in the country.

One of the interesting fact about Osun is that it is the home town of popular Nigerian artiste Davido, uhh!

3. Kwara state

kwara state, has remained on of the states in the southwestern Nigeria being threatened by security situation(s), kwara was marked one of the peaceful state by the (NPI) in 2018 after Osun.

The major ethnic group in Kwara is Yoruba and the Fulani minority.

4. Ebonyi State

The fact still remains that Ebonyi state is one of the safest states in the entire Nigeria.

Ebonyi state is one of the states in Nigeria that expresses high level of religious tolerance and peaceful coexistence between indigenes and strangers irrespective of your ethnic group.

Despite being the less developed in the south-eastern Nigeria, the fun fact is that Ebonyi has the best roads in the entire region. Surprised huh!!

5. Akwaibom state

Hmm!! Have you heard of any criminal case from Akwaibom state? If yes, I dare you to drop one at the comment section. Aside that Akwaibom is one of the most beautiful states in Nigeria and since its an oil producing state, it has ranked itself among the major economic backbone of the country, I don’t need to explain further.

Unlike its neighboring state Cross-River which has experienced many communal clashes, AkwaIbom has recorded little or no security threatening situation.

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6. Imo State

Imo state is one of the safest states in Nigeria, this state has a very low crime record, inhabited by hardworking youths and are alwats ready to give hospitality to strangers.

More so Despite all political rivalry, IMO state knows how to sort their political differences. I think other states should learn from Imo state.

7. Enugu state

Enugu state formerly Coal City state is the only state in Southeastern Nigeria devoid of any form of political crises.

Enugu indigenes are very religious, this has made them less tolerant to crime. Recall that the state government has tightened security in the state after experiencing the kidnapping of two catholic priests.

Aside that citing a business in this part of the country is advisable.

8. Kebbi state

People are of the opinion that the northern states are way high very risky to reside since inception of Bokoharam. But then, Kebbi state is an exception, Kebbi has rarely made headlines regarding to ethnic crises, religious or political wars. No wonder the erstwhile governor of Imo state gave kebbi a thumbs up as the most safest state in the country.

9. Sokoto state

Despite being surrounded by states struggling with several life threatening issues, Sokoto state is one of the Northern states devoid of terrorism, herdsmen invasion, bokoharam insurgence and militants.

One intresting fact about Sokoto state is that it is the headquarters of Islamic learning in the country and also houses the throne of the Sultan.

10. Lagos state

Lagos state, the center of excellence and the commercial hub of the country. This state has not experienced any form of insurgency despite being the most populated state in Nigeria, but the disadvantage of living in this area is that the cost of living is really high (very expensive)

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