Top 10 scholarships with insurance schemes

Being able to study nowadays in the universities and countries you want is a hard thing to accomplish especially if you are living in a not so economically buoyant country or you come from a lower class family.

There are so many good schools out there abroad but their costs are over the roof and downright expensive and may make you forsake your dream of studying abroad once you get to know about the factors associated with them Now that’s where scholarships come in to help parents and students to solve these problems, these scholarships help pay for the cost of living, tuition fees, back and forth flights, and so much more.

However, if you are wondering about what if an emergency occurs, if the scholarship will cover such expenses, well I am pleased to inform you of the top 10 scholarships in the world that will come with full insurance benefits and schemes

The Joint Japan World Bank Group Scholarship Program

This is the first worthy mention and is one that I recommend a lot, This particular Program is open to both women and men who happen to hail from any developing country, provided that the said applicant has relevant professional experience and are applying for masters degree program in any development related course..

The scholarship is quite cool and it sees a huge number of applicants yearly from numerous countries, academic backgrounds, and social statuses.
Its popularity probably stems from the fact that it covers for, tuition, return air travel, it provides a $500 travel allowance, it covers for basic medical and accident insurance, which is something that most scholarship programs don’t do, it’s one of the first to actually start doing that; and it gives a monthly allowance to cover living expenses.

The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program

The MasterCard scholarship program is a very famous and highly sought after scholarship, its benefits are massively extensive and just like its above companion offers for various insurance plans including health and disaster insurance.

The scholarship is incredibly competitive and is only available to exceptional students whose talent and promise in the educational fields and whose future and potential impacts on society exceed their money. It caters for tuition fees, living accommodation, required books,
health, and disaster insurance etc.

The New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarships and Development Scholarships

These are the two main scholarship programs in New Zealand, they are booth similar, but not quite the same, the commonwealth program gives scholarships to students from the commonwealth countries whereas the development scholarship program gives its scholarship opportunities to students from several developing countries.

The two scholarships are cool and quite popular and also boast of an insurance scheme for its beneficiaries. The worth of the scholarships includes free tuition, covered living costs, travel payment. And guess what, if you have a partner, the partner of scholarship beneficiaries are
eligible for a work visa that will allow them to live and work in New Zealand as long as their partner is doing his or her study.

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Scholarships

This is one of the most popular scholarship programs out there in the world and this speaks volumes about it. Please note that it’s for postgraduate students who are studying the multitude of postgraduate courses available in German universities., the DAAD scholarships actually supports up to 80% of degree program applications that it receives with special preference to students from developing countries

The Schwarzman Scholars Program in China

This is a leadership scholarship program. It is required that all applicants must have finished their undergraduate degrees before they apply and must be proficient in both spoken and written English.
The program will cover the cost of Tuition and fees, Accommodation, To and fro travel, an in country tour, necessary course materials, A Lenovo laptop and Lenovo Smartphone, Health insurance benefit and a very generous one for that matter , and a modest personal stipend.
It is a very nice scholarship program, people love to apply for it very much, and it’s very competitive.

Australia Awards Scholarships

This particular scholarship program is very special and I quite generous, it is available to up to 1000 students yearly, yes in really mean 1000, it offers these scholarships to students from developing countries.

It is a very special scholarship in the sense that it prioritizes application and experience above grades making it accessible even if you weren’t such an A grader. Even a second class can get you this scholarship if you present a winning application, so try it out. And least I forget, it has an insurance scheme for students too

Fulbright Foreign Scholarships in USA

Please note that this particular scholarship is for a Master’s or PhD degree. Approximately 4,000 foreign students receive Fulbright scholarships each year, that’s a whopping number, but yes, it’s that cool and amazing. It covers for tuition, course materials, back and forth airfare, living stipend allowance, and health insurance.

Chinese Government Scholarships

The Chinese government has always been one of the best scholarship providers and dedicates a large amount toward empowering students from developing countries. If you want to study an English degree program in China, apply in March or April for any of the Chinese government scholarships. The program covers most of the needed costs to study in China including an amazing health insurance benefit and so much more.

Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowships in UK

This prestigious scholarship grants about 800 students the ability to study for postgraduate study and professional development in the UK each year. They are available at designated UK universities and are open for undergraduate, masters and PhD programs.

Chevening Scholarships in UK

This is a very prestigious scholarship; the Chevening Scholarships are awarded to approximately 1,500 individuals every year, which is a large number. It offers full financial support to study for a Master’s degree at any of the best universities in the UK, I really recommend this scholarship, and it’s one of my favorites.

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