Australia is a really special place and is quite a nice to be in. It has a massive landmass, and its unique in everything, it is a place that evolved alone on its own without interruption. When it comes to the world of education, Australia is a student’s favourite; its policies for education are amazing and enticing for potential students who wish to study there.

However, if you are not so financially buoyant and still want to enjoy the amazing thrill of studying in Australia, then this articles is for you with the condition that your preferred course of choice is medicine,
On this article, I am going to be listing the best undergraduate medical scholarships obtainable in Australia.
So sit tight and read on, you will like it

Tasmanian International Scholarship (TIS)

First on this list is the quite generous scholarship award sponsored by the University of Tasmania called the Tasmanian International Scholarship (TIS), the scholarship is actually cosponsored by both the university and the Australian government, and it is a favorite for many students.
This scholarship actually helps with the reduction of tuition fees by 25% during the time that the student
will study in the university.

A criteria to get these scholarship though Is that the awarded student must maintain satisfactory grades in their course of study.

University of Tasmania Sibling Discount

Another scholarship program offered by the University of Tasmania is the Sibling discount. This discount is given to any international student who currently or previously has a sibling taking education in UTAS. 10% of the tuition fees is the discount and is given to the students throughout all his/her undergraduate and postgraduate courses at the university. However, this discount is only awarded if you fill to be
considered for TIS or any other funded studies at the university.

Lindsay MCWha International Accommodation funding for Sri Lankan Students
The University of Adelaide is the founder of this scholarship; please note that this scholarship only applies to students from Sri Lanka. The terms of the scholarship state that the university will cover 50% of the accommodation fees, for the students.The scholarship will pay for 50% of the rent and bills in the apartments. The student pays the remainder.

If you are of Sri Lankan nationality, you are ready for your Bachelors program, and you wish to do it In Australia, then I urge you to apply for this scholarship. You will then be severely vetted based on a lot of factors but mostly on; English language scores, merit and the deadline for applying.
Lindsay MCWha International Accommodation funding for Indian Students This is yet another scholarship provided by the University of Adelaide and is just as the old one, this one caters to Indian only, and 50% of accommodation is paid by the school for quite swanky apartments.
Please note that already enrolled students are not eligible for the scholarship. The students then pay theremaining 50%.
This is a merit-based scholarship, so please note that its selection process is quite strict.

Australia Awards Scholarships

This particular scholarship program was set up by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has administered the Australia Awards with the noble vision of contributing to the long-term development needs of Australia’s [partner nations.

It provides students from the Indo-pacific region with the chance of a great and amazing educational life. That is the basic victim of the program, to develop the skills of the individuals, use the outcomes for their own country, and continue the cycle of development.

Australia Award Pacific Scholarships

The Awards Pacific Scholarships program is a part of the bilateral development program of Australia that hopes to foster development in other countries.

The Eligibility Ceiteria for the scholarship are quite severe and please note that the scholarship is only for students from the Pacific region. The scholarship's goal is simple, to and to develop the skills of these students to help their mother country develop and
rise out of the ashes of poverty.

The Adelaide Sarawak Alumni Scholarship

This scholarship is targeted at Malaysians studying at the University of Adelaide Each year one Malaysian student is chosen for this scholarship. The eligibility for getting the scholarship are that the proposed student awardee must be a Malaysian citizen, and should be in the second or the subsequent year of study in the university, and should be a full-time student of the university.

As I said above, the student must be someone who has completed at least 1 year of fulltime study at the University of Adelaide. The selected candidate must also be someone that has shown a high academic performance as the cumulating GPA of the previous year is considered and assessed to consider.

The Applicant Eligibility.
The worth of the scholarship is $7000 AUD, which is paid in two installments of $3500 AUD per year to the beneficiaries of this scholarship. The money can be used to cover for the expenses of accommodation, travel, living, and so on, the scholarship benefits last one year.

Please note that the award of this scholarship is heavily dependent on the academic progress and achievement of the awardees. Please note that Recipients of this award who have applied and received the awards in the previous year cannot use it in subsequent years for application.

Monash International merit awards

Monash University is generous awarder of so many scholarships and has so many scholarship
We are going to be talking about one of those programs namely the International merit awards, that is a scholarship available for very outstanding and academically talents international students for undergraduate and postgraduate students of foreign nations who are studying or wish to study at the University of Monash.
The worth of the scholarship award is from $50000 to $100000, which will be paid for the full-time study of the student. People eligible for the scholarship include Undergraduate or postgraduate students,

commencing or continuing students in the University of Monash, are eligible for this award. Please note
that only international students are eligible and so allowed to apply.



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