All undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to apply for the International Merit Scholarship. The award can reduce the total cost of attendance between $3000-$10,000  (two semesters), if the recipient is a spring semester recipient, the award is for spring and summer only.  For international students on F-1 and J-1 visa the scholarship will reflect the residency tuition rate. The award only applies to tuition and fees. All other costs such as housing, meals, transportation, personal expenses, books, supplies, and health insurance are not included in this scholarship. The scholarship award can only be used to study at UHV. The awards and waivers are available for fall recipients for the fall, spring, and summer semesters, and for spring recipients this scholarship and waivers will be awarded for spring and summer semesters for undergraduate and graduate full-time study at UHV.  This award includes the $1000 guaranteed scholarship for students living on-campus.

Eligibility Requirements
Applicants Must:

  1. Admitted student to UHV
  2. At the time of award the student must be registered for a minimum of 12 credits at UHV for undergraduate students, 9 credits for graduate students.
  3. Returning/or current students must have two semesters remaining to graduate (semester receiving the scholarship cannot be the final semester)
  4. Returning/Current students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or above for undergraduate students and cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above for graduate students.
  5. Spring semester scholarship recipients will receive the scholarship only for the spring and summer semesters. In order to maximize the scholarship opportunity all spring scholarship recipients are required to register for a full-time course load online (summer only) or face-to-face. If applicable all spring scholarship recipients must re-apply for the fall merit scholarship before the deadline (see below).
  6. International students or students on other non-immigrant visa status
    1. F-1 and J-1 students must be on the relevant visa status on or before the state date of their immigration document
    2. F-1 and J-1 students must attend mandatory International Student orientation at Victoria or Katy
    3. All non-immigrant status students must be on good academic and immigration status
  7. Have a demonstrated record of academic achievement.
  8. Complete BOTH the scholarship application forms
    • First submit the online UHV General Scholarship Application. (When you complete this application, it may say the deadline passed. Do not worry about this, just keep  completing the application. We need you to complete this application as well regardless of the deadline). When applying for the spring  merit scholarship, the General Application may say that the application deadline expired (October 15) disregard this deadline and go ahead and apply anyway. Intl student deadline is November 15th. 
      • Sign in using your UHV username and password.
    • Second submit International Student Merit Scholarship Application. Please note, you will need to attach the necessary application requirements. Once you hit submit the application, along with the uploaded attachments will be sent to the International Programs Office automatically.
    • Both the above mentioned applications MUST be completed in order for your scholarship application to be eligible for review .

When to Apply
Completed applications need to be submitted by the following dates:

  • Fall semester deadline: June 15th 
  • Spring semester deadline: November 15th

New Students
Students must be admitted to UHV. Scholarship application will not be reviewed for those with incomplete admissions or non-admitted students.

Current and Returning Students
All conditions and requirements applies to current/ returning  students at UHV. Current/Returning students must ensure to have two semesters remaining to complete their degree program.

Maintaining the International Merit Scholarship

  • Recipients must maintain full-time status.
  • Scholarship recipients must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5 for undergraduate students and a cumulative GPA of 3.0 for graduate students throughout the duration of the scholarship.
  • Contribute 10 volunteer hours assisting International Programs Office in hosting events such as International Education Week, International Sash Ceremony and International Festival during fall, spring and summer semesters.
  • International students on F-1 and J-1 status
    • New international students must attend mandatory orientation
  • Scholarship recipient must pay all outstanding university bills on or before the due dates.
  • Recipients continuing from a bachelor’s to a master’s degree program must reapply for the scholarship.
  • International Merit Scholarship is not guaranteed every year/semester. Students must reapply on or before the deadline.

Notification Process

Students will be notified via email. Students are responsible to apply every semester.

Students who are NOT eligible:

  • Graduate students receiving a graduate assistantship or tuition scholarship
  • UHV Athletes receiving Athletics Scholarships
  • International Students receiving International Student Cultural Scholarship
  • Students receiving any other UHV tuition scholarship waivers
  • Students receiving any other UHV competitive scholarships
  • Students receiving Texas resident tuition fees
  • Students enrolled part time at UHV and part time at another institution in Texas


  1. khol peter phar chuol

    I am a South Sudanese from South Sudan having completed secondary level in South Sudan with science subjects and would like to know if l may fit in your scholarship

  2. I am from Ethiopian southern Oromia having completed Msc degree in physics (Space physics) and would like to apply fully funded scholarship on PhD at your university. Could I get your help please?

  3. Sidibé Mohamed Hawa

    Hello , m’y name IS Sidibé Mohamed Hawa Am Guinean am a student at university Gamal Abdel Nasser of Conakry i would like know if i Can be a student in your scholarship.


    Hello, I’m a Nigerian, finished with a BSC in Architecture with a CGPA of 3.8, would like to know if l may fit in your scholarship, thank.

  5. Panchol Ayuen Aluk

    Hello sir/Madam, I’m Panchol Ayuen. south Sudanese refugee residing at Ayilo refugee camp settlement in Uganda. I’m a bachelor degree holder of Social Work and Social Administration. Thus, I’m writing to express my interested if I could get a full funded Masters scholarship at your University. Kindly please acknowledge me if opportunities are available. Best regards.

  6. Hellon Sir/Madam, am Lauzi Sakala and am Zambian. Am currently pursuing a Bsc in Banking and Finance,am a 3rd year student at the University of Lusaka(Unilus) I would love to do my Master’s once am done with my undergraduate degree program, therefore I would like to know if I can qualify for a full scholarship.Thank you

    • Bonjour mon nom c’est Boubacar Hama Samira, je suis lycéenne en seconde c et j’aimerais bien avoir les bases de l’anglais, c’est à dire l’apprendre au USA et continuer mes études pour finir avec le baccalauréat et entamer le doctorat

  7. Wendiemagegn mulugeta

    Hello, I’m a ethiopian, finished with a BSC in TEXTILE ENGINEERING with a CGPA of 3.04, would like to know if l may fit in your scholarship, thank.

  8. tsedalu meselew minyahil

    hello,my name is tsedalu meselew minyahl from ethiopia ,i finished Bsc degree in environmental managenment with cGPA 3.94.i would like to get full funded scholarship at your university.thanks .

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  9. hello my name is samuel mosisa bent from ethiopia I finished BA degree in accounting $finance with cGPA 3.38 iwuld like to get full funded scholarship at your yunversity.thanks

    • Tariku Desta Gelgelu

      Hi my name is Tariku Desta Gelgelu. I am Bachelor science degree holder of Veterinary Laboratory Technology. Therefore, am writing this to apply your fully funded masters program scholarship. Thanks

  10. My name is karyn a Zimbabwean young lady aged 17 and wanted to start tourism and hospitality -food and beverage services and fulfill my dream


    Hello! I’m a Ugandan aged 30. I hold Bachelor of Arts Degree of Makerere University, Kampala with a CGPA of 4.16. I would like to go for Degree in Law. Could you guide me please.

  12. First of all i would like to thanks! My name is Hanna shelema i am from Ethiopia .
    I need your support to get this opportunity
    I am undergraduate (GC) at Jimma University in BSc.Nursing in this year 2022 i will finish and i want to study my Masters if i will get this great Chance pls help me!.

  13. Pls i really wanna study in university of Houston but am a poor and brilliant guy but due to financial constraints , my parent want me to stay at home

  14. Greetings I’m interested in studying in the university of Houston but I’m coming from poor family (Africa) brilliant but due to financial constraints, I’m just hustling for daily meal I will appreciate if almighty God touch you guys and assist me thank you in advance

  15. First oF all I Would Like to Greet you then l have a Dream in this and my Dream and to have studied In a foreign contry After Alll that The only people Kiii hab put me back here but parents Kiii My future Réassurance in this position then I want to see team happ . I but named Mohamed I am intellectual person coucherance I liké you but accepted me from you .

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