Why We use Cement to Patch Roads In Anambra State – Commissioner Reveals

• The intensity of the of rains in the past three years are overwhelming

Anambra roads are bad but we have plans for them

Federal roads in Anambra has failed – commissioner for works

Due to heavy down pour experienced in various part of the country, the Anambra state Government has on Friday said it has resorted to using concrete to patch potholes on the roads across the state pending when rainy season would be abated.

Speaking with Journalists at Awka on Friday the State Commissioner for Works, Mr. Marcel Ifejiofor, said he saw nothing wrong with the use of concrete to patch worn out road as this measure taking by the state government was a temporary measure to make the roads motorable, pending when the rainy season would abate.

“The intensity of the rains in the last three years is overwhelming.

“It had never happened like this before, and I can boldly say that Anambra roads are better, compared to other states.

“Yes, some of our roads are bad, but we have plans for them. Governor Willie Obiano-led administration is doing the much it can.

“Many of the impassable roads in the state are Federal roads, even [then], we are also working on some of them.

“I want to tell you that there is nothing wrong in patching the roads with concrete. Go to some roads in Victoria Island or VGC in Lagos. So many of their roads are done with interlocking tiles.

“Go to Ebonyi, they have concrete roads. So, there is nothing wrong with using concrete.

“The pressure from the media on the condition of our roads was too much that we had to find a temporary solution, which is why we are using concrete to patch the roads.

“We are coming back to work on those roads with asphalt, but you can never use asphalt when the rains are very heavy.

“That is total waste of money. I’m a certified engineer, so, I can tell you the facts about roads,” he said.

“Governor Obiano is having sleepless nights to make sure that our roads are motorable. By December, something wonderful will happen on our roads.

“I need to also inform you that a road has expiry date, and roads are built for certain axle loads, that is why you have Trunk-A roads, Trunk-B and Trunk-C roads, depending on the type of vehicles that will pass on the road.

“Because, all federal roads in Anambra have failed, the Dangote trucks carrying 900 bags of cement are plying our local roads which were not designed for that purpose,” he said.

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