Barack Obama Is Cloned Real Obama Is Dead Man Alleged

The report we gathered, has it that former US president Barack Obama has been executed at GITMO on 29 September. Authenticity of this report has not been verified.

This information was gotten from a tweet from retired police chief, @chiefpolice2. The EX police Chief tweeted that former US president was executed by a firing squad for treason he committed while in service.
“PATRIOT: BARACK OBAMA IS DEAD. He was executed at GITMO on September 29 2019 by firing squad. Most of you already know about it. His clone is still making speeches and appearances. Poor Michael what will he do now. There is speculation that he may be next” he tweeted.

Tweet retrieved from Chief Police

Here is a press release photo backing up his claim.

Upon investigation by us, Chief Police has already deleted the post, alleging that the Republican party has pleaded that he should take down the post.
“PATRIOT: BAD NEWS. Head of Republican party called me. Said they highly respect me but they want me to stop posting above top secret thing about GITMO. They think its hurting the president. I concur. I called the president and apologized. There will be no more post on GITMO.”

To bad that Talkmill couldn’t go further.

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