Best Universities in Africa

Best Universities in Africa

Africa is a very popular continent, rich in culture, diversity and so on, it a continent blessed it natural recourses and abundant wildlife. Africa is truly a different place and is a special place among the entire continent in the world.

The only problem that most countries in this amazing continent suffer is bad governance from their leaders and wide spread corruption. However, even at that, the resilient African shines through with innovation and ingenuity especially in the field of education. When it comes to education, the African continent even though faced with numerous adversities has always shined through. Today in tribute to the great African race, we are going to take a look at the Best Universities in Africa.

These universities are the pride and joy of Africa and as we move on you will see why they are the best universities in Africa.

University of Cape Town

The first university on the list is from South Africa is the University of Cape Town. The University of Cape Town’s campus is located at the foot of Table Mountain, offering spectacular views of Devil’s Peak and across the city, for people opportuned to visit the university, the view is quite breathtaking.

The university of Cape Town was founded in 1829, making it the oldest university in the country and the second oldest in Africa, behind the University of Sierra Leone, which was established two years earlier.

The main campus contains many teaching faculties, the main library, and some halls of residence. The middle and lower campuses are home to most of the student residences, sports facilities and some academic departments.

Academic departments are grouped into six faculties: Commerce, Engineering and the Built Environment, Health Sciences, Humanities, Science and Law.

In addition, the university’s Graduate School of Business runs independently from the commerce faculty.

The University of Cape Town is committed to social change through its “transformation”projects, which tackle issues such as diversity, student opportunity, and behavior.

Some 18 per cent of the student body is international and the school truly deserves its top position as the best university in Africa and truly deserves on the list of best universities in Africa. It is the pride and joy of South Africa and it has quite a volume of applications, mostly from foreign countries.


University of the Witwatersrand

The University of the Witwatersrand – or Wits University, as it is commonly known – is a public research university based in Johannesburg, South Africa and one o the best universities in Africa.

The original plan of the school was as a school of mining; as the region is the most abundant with gold of any location worldwide The university grew significantly in the late 20th century, and the campus has been expanding with many new buildings and many more courses and faculties.

That time was also a period of protest against apartheid policies, and the university campus was divided among the whites and blacks. Nonetheless, many prominent black leaders graduated from the university and this racist system was broken down when the apartheid was gotten rid

of it and the black race flourished. There are five campuses, with two joined by a walkway. The campuses are home to student residences (including female-only dorms), academic departments, the Origins Centre, Planetarium, theatres, museums, and galleries. Academic research and teaching are spread across five faculties: Commerce, Law, and Management;

Engineering and the Built Environment; Health Sciences; Science; and Humanities and wishes to expand further. Through the Wits Donald Gordon Medical Centre, the medical school trains more specialists than any other university in southern Africa truly making the university one of the best universities in Africa. It also has The Disability Rights Unit, which is a flagship centre ensuring that higher education is accessible to disabled students, caregivers and others in need of special provisions.

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Stellenbosch University

The Stellenbosch University is located in South Africa’s Western Cape, 50km from Cape Town and the third best university in Africa. The university town maintains Dutch colonial architecture, and its streets host an array of cafés, boutiques, and galleries reminiscent of the colonial era in which they were built.

As you have probably noticed, the first three universities on this list of best universities in Nigeria are all from South Africa, which displays that South Africa pays much attention to their educational institutes left to them by the colonists.

The university boasts many achievements, among them that its staff and students designed Africa’s first microsatellite in 1999. Teaching at the university is split over four campuses, with the main one in Stellenbosch and the others nearby.

Students can complete assignments and exams in both English and Afrikaans, even though the main language of instruction is Afrikaans. For postgraduate students, the language in classes is determined by the demographic of the class, and is usually English. There are about 150 academic departments within 10 faculties, and many other research centers. In addition to an extensive library system, the university has a conservatory with two concert halls, home of the Stellenbosch University Choir – the oldest South African choir.

University of KwaZulu-Natal

It is the modern non-profit public university first established in 2004. It has different campuses, but the main campus is located in urban areas of Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. Other campuses are located in Pinetown, Westville, and Pietermaritzburg. The higher education and training sector of South Africa recognizes this university officially. 40 to 45 thousand students can enroll in this university. It offers official degrees in various sites of study. Students can do their bachelor's, master's, and doctorate at this university.

 The American University of Cairo

The American University of Cairo is a private and non-profit university that was built in It is a higher education university situated in the urban site of New Cairo, Cairo. The Middle state commission of higher education officially recognized this university. It has a range of 5,000 to 5,999 students. AUC is an Egyptian institute that offers higher education in different official and valid programs. Students can get their degrees of pre- bachelor, bachelor, master, and Ph.D. degrees. The pre-bachelor degrees include short courses, diplomas, and certificates.

North-west University

It is a non-profit institute established in 2004. Its location is in the suburban areas of the medium city of Potchefstroom, North West. It offers good courses and recognized degrees by the department of higher education. The university allows the students to enroll in different fields of education like IT, Math, Live science, etc. students can get bachelor, master, and doctorate degrees from North-West University.

University of Johannesburg

The university was established 16 years ago in urban areas of the metropolis of Johannesburg, Gauteng. The South African higher education department recognized it officially. It is the largest university that has more than 45000 students. It offers coeducation.

 University of Nairobi

This non-profit public university was built in 1970. It is situated in the urban areas of a metropolis in Nairobi. It is an official university approved by the higher education commission of the state. The university has campuses in different regions like Kisumu, Upper Kabete, Lower Kabete, Kikuyu, Chiromo, and Parklands. It has different programs that cover many areas of study.

 Cairo University

Cairo University was founded in 1908 in the metropolis area of Giza. It is also a public and non-profit university. The university allows higher education to students of Giza. Cairo University is recognized and approved by the department of Egyptian higher education. It is the largest university in Giza that facilitates more than 45 thousand students. It allows students to enroll in their desired program, which is available in the prospectus. This co-educational institute facilitates the large population of students of Giza and provides quality education. The university is formally associated with the religion of Islam.

University of Pretoria

This university was formed in 1908 and is situated out-of-town in the city of Pretoria. It isa non-profit, local higher education institute. It accepted 45,000 per year student enrollment. You can come here to get your bachelor's, master's, and Ph.D. degrees in different fields.


This list of universities is extracted from top universities of Africa. Due to their reputation and quality education, they deserve this position. Many people misguide the students about the reputation of African universities. However, the fact is that African universities have an excellent reputation in the field of education. Due to misguides, students are forced to get admission to western universities. These western universities put a financial burden on students and their families. We suggest you check this list of African universities and find more data and admission methods on the internet.

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