NASA: 2 Asteroid Each Size Of A Skyscraper To Hit The Earth This Weekend

Two asteroids, estimated to be the size of a skyscraper, will hit the Earth this weekend.

DailyMail reports that Asteroid 2010 C01 and 2000 QW7 will hit the earth before midnight on Friday and towards Saturday evening respectively.

Although the two Asteroids poses no harm to humanity, Scientist considers Both asteroids near-Earth objects which orbit round the sun and sit within Earth’s neighborhood, or within 30 million miles of our planet’s orbit.

Lindley Johnson, planetary defense officer and program executive for the Planetary Defense Coordination Office at NASA Headquarters in Washington DC, said that over the years and of recent, scientists are still caught unawares of asteroids hitting the earth, but the two asteroids which were reported to hit the earth this weekend has Bee monitored since 2000 and 2010.

“These asteroids have been well observed once since 2000 and the other since 2010 and their orbits are very well known”

“Both of these asteroids are passing at about 14 lunar distances from the Earth, or about 3.5 million miles away, but small asteroids pass by Earth this close all the time.”

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