Nigeria Needs No A Revolution, Okorocha’s Son-In-Law, Nwosu Speaks

• Revolution is not what Nigeria needs.

• What we need is to support the administration of President Muhammad Buhari – Uche Nwosu okorocha’s son-in-law speaks.

Uche Nwosu the governorship candidate of AA (Action Alliance) and also the son-in-law of the immediate past has reacted to the #RevolutionNow protest witnessed across the country on monday, says Nigeria needs no revolution.

While Speaking with journalists on Friday, Uche Nwosu said citizens should support the current administration instead of protesting against it.

Condemning the RevolutionNow protest, the defeated governorship candidate has suggested that citizen should write to the administration whatever that will contribute to the country’s development or if they have not done well.

Nwosu speaks;

“Revolution is not what the country needs at this time. What we need is to support the administration of President Muhammad Buhari. Whatever you think would contribute to the development of the country, why don’t you put it down and present it to the president and they will add it up to whatever they have and the country would move forward?

“If anybody thinks there is a place the administration has not done well, put it down and say ‘Mr. President, if you add this to what you have it would make your administration better’. I think it is a bad advice for anybody to go on to the street to protest or carry on with this thing called revolution. It is not the best thing for us now. If we revolt, some persons would take the advantage of that and set every where ablaze.”

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