Abba Kyari Location In Lagos is Currently Unknown To Us – Lagos Commissioner

• Abba Kyari Not In Lagos

• Abba Kyari Fully Recovered

Abba Kyari Chief of staff to the President Federal republic of Nigeria

The Lagos State government, has disclosed that she does not know the location of Abba Kyari.

Recall that the Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari was tested positive of coronavirus (COVID-19) last week and was reported to have been transported to Lagos state for treatment.

This piece of information was gotten from the Honorable Commissioner For Health, Prof. Akin Abayomi in a statement on Sunday.

“I’m not aware of the Chief of Staff’s itinerary, so I don’t know where he is, we chat on WhatsApp but I cannot tell where he is from our chat.” He said.

Abayomi further said that the chief of staff, Abba Kyari has made a full recovery,

“We are exchanging information but I haven’t asked him for his location. He seems well and happy and we are exchanging information on strategic issues. It has been a long time we talked about his health, I presume he has made a full recovery.”

The Commissioner also said that most of COVID-19 victims at the isolation centers are currently experiencing mild to moderate symptoms of the illness and at such do not require ventilators any longer.

“Most of our patients are experiencing a very mild to moderate degree of illness; in fact, we don’t have anybody that requires ventilation at the moment which is a symptom of what we will describe as severe disease.”

“If we are to put some percentages on the 66 cases, about 33 of them are showing mild symptoms, the remaining 33 are showing moderate disease symptoms just characterised by severe fever, feeling weak, some coughing, headaches and body pains. It is not extending to affect the organs such that we have lung or kidney failure.” Abayomi said.

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