I Can Cure CoronaVirus Enugu Professor

I Can Cure CoronaVirus Enugu Professor – Prof Akpa

Prof. Joseph Akpa of Luminar International College of Alternative Medicine (LICAM) has on Wednesday 1st April announced that he has found a cure for the deadly Coronavirus.

The Professor made this exposure to newsmen in a press conference in Enugu, claiming that his new found drug is capable of curing Coronavirus 100 percent.

While challenging Health workers to bring corona-patients, He also stated that his drug helps to boost the Human Immune system which in turn quickens the body in fight against the virus.

Professor Akpa also said that he is willing to voluntarily assist and cure any Coronavirus victim with no conditions attached.

Quoting Prof. Akpa:

“I will challenge any health institution or agency to bring any known case of coronavirus to me and see how it will disappear within a few days.

“If the Permanent Secretary of Enugu State Ministry of Health or the State Government approaches me to cure any of the known cases of coronavirus in the state I will voluntarily do so without attaching any condition to it.

“I thank God for using me to find the cure to a disease that is already threatening to wipe out the whole earth,”

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