International Observers kept quiet for the fear of BODY BAGS

Following the news of Peoples Democratic Party and it presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar seeking redress in court over the just concluded presidential election.

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)’s national chairman, Uche Secondus, has urge the court to ignore testimonies from international election observers saying that the FEB23 Presidential and National Assembly elections were free and fair.

Seondus said that comments made by international observers cannot be used a basis that the just concluded election was free and fair. Secondus has alleged that observers made their comment because they have been threatened by the opposition to keep quiet.

Reacting to the statement made by the governor of Kaduna state, Nasir El-Rufai, that ‘foreigners who interfere in Nigeria’s election will return home in body bags’, Secondus said the fear of getting killed won’t let the observers say the truth about the elections.

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He said: “Evidence from across the countries shows that voters were suppressed in PDP strongholds.

“We are not going to be approaching the court based on the comment of observers that were threatened. They were threatened. So, what do you expect them to say? They have to go home with their lives. They were threatened and can’t talk.

“We have the facts and we will show them to the world when we get to court. We have enough evidence to approach the court.

“While the military was suppressing voters in the PDP strongholds, a different abracadabra was going on in the northern states especially in Kano, Yobe, Borno and Zamfara states which recorded high voter turnouts.” he said.

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