PYTHON DANCE III: Army Shot three in Aba, Abia State

Nigerian soldiers allegedly shot three persons yesterday in Alaojii Spare parts Market in Aba, Abia State.

News we got from Igbere Tv says that out of the three persons who were shot, one person died instantly.


An eye witness who spoke with Igbere TV was quoted as saying:

“The army entered inside the market and started shooting for no reason.”

“They shot three persons but only one person died and two survived.”

“Those who were shot are not IPOB members, they just set guns inside the market and started shooting, chasing people”.

The eye witness said trouble started when soldiers removed the Biafra referendum posters pasted in poles inside the market and arrested one man.

“So, people followed the soldiers in order to know where they were taking the man to but all of sudden, they turned back and started chasing the crowd who were following them “.

“They chased them till they entered inside the market again and the soldiers started shooting guns, people ran inside their shops even the bullets destroyed doors of some shops”.

“After an hour, they came back again and started shooting sporadically, people were running,


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